September TV Show Lineup…

It’s September! Y’all don’t act like you’re brand new, hear me? When September abounds, new shows start coming around! Anyway, this g-mogul is just glad to be rid of the reruns:(  how much redundancy can one “t” mogul take? I’m looking forward to catching some of the Wendy gossip- although I have been flying solo, Ms. Wendy, since you been away, but, no worries, ya still my gurl( cheese) anyhoo, new shows are on the Wendy horizon this month, but before we go any further let’s get serious and say a prayer for the loss of actor, Michael Clarke Duncan who never fully recovered since suffering a heart attack a few months back- condolences to his family.

Now, I’m not the fan of Client Eastwood I was as a young girl- y’all don’t remember “Rawhide?” anyhoo, giving away my age, but, the point is, the man is a legend and he’s 82 years old and a Republican-staunch…The speech he gave at the RNC was filled with inaccurate pronouncements, more dribble than a baskeball and comedic moments of entertainment most late night shows took advantage of! Got to love Clint.  Now, how about the DNC having George Clooney give a speeech- all the women would swoon and stand in line to shout “Got my vote!” 

Some of my fav television shows are back, along with some new Reality TV… Grimm returned on NBC Monday night lineup- sort of liking the storyline and hoping Hank get payback from that lil huzzy who stole his mind- just sayin’. Also Braxton Family Values…Trina is playing with Gabe’s mind, although she put him out & plans to continue divorce proceedings. Towanda is still in love with hubby, Andre, but, she’s needing him to ply her with attention and get a job. Mama is a “life coach”…hmm… and Tamar & Vince new Reality Show premieres Sept 10th. Did yall check the weight loss on sister Traci ? You go Traci!

Remember the first Love & Hip Hop? Chrissy & Mr. Jones is airing Sept 24th. and the next Love & Hip Hop will be in the Big Apple. Listen up though, if y’all read my Spoiler Alert, you already know how Scrappy proposed to Erica, right? Well, Erica was adamant about moving on…saying how she wanted her a real man… happiness to y’all!

I watched Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 2 and couldn’t help but notice a pattern. See if you guys can relate?

“At the end of the day” “ya feel me”?



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