Drama Returns With Basketball Wives LA

Morning peeps!  Hope your September start off is better than mine:( I have been working so hard on projects of late, I’ve missed bringing y’all  weekly “ts” grgrgrr! Anyhoo, letss get this thang started with a breakdown of the return of Basketball Wives La- Ok, now, there’s a new sheriff in town and she’s got a big ole donkey-dunk! ( term from Housewife from Atlanta)  Brooke is her name and she’s a friend of Draya’s, having met in the “industry” doing Urban Modeling. Brooke gladly admits to having been a “Video Vixen” too-well shut yo’ mouth! and she’s dating Vernon Macklin (yawn)

So, now Gloria is writing a cookbook. She and Matt were separated for 8 months and according to last night’s episode, Gloria and he are back together. Y’all know he was rumored to be hooked up with Eva Longoria at one time- maybe during the split? Anyho, it seems Gloria and sister Laura hadn’t spoken for a year? A whole year without speaking to your sister?  Go back a second g-moguls and remember how they left us hanging on Baskeball Wives La last season.  Jackie was toast! Her lies and backstabbing had caught the heck up with her right?

Well, She’s back! Yep, Jackie found a slither of an opportunity with an all forgiving Malaysia who champions Jackie’s good and motivational side. Malaysia is willing to give  the woman another chance. Okay, what do Jackie start saying? Same old bull about the girls are jealous of how she got it going on with family, marriages, businessses-yada, yada, yada…change? I don’t think so.

Stayed tuned for stuff to hit the fan because Jackie has shown up at Gloria’s cookbook party (Malaysia urging) and the women don’t seem amused. Anyhoo, people, I predict the same sort of drama here.  Caught a bit of Daytime Talk return with all new shows. Wendy Williams had Maxism Chmerkovskiy. The View had Tony Danza as guest host and Katie Curic gave viewers Jessica Simpson on her debut talk…all boring.  just sayin’

Okay, now, there’s The Housewives of New York and their whorish ways! Okay, some of them- okay, then, three of them …alright, people, only two of the women were alleged to sleep with the same guy, but, on different nights-NASTY! One can only hope there were condoms and plenty of sanitizer somewhere in the vicinity of the “gurls” vacation!

Question and a Statement:

Would you compare Sonya of Housewives of New York with Anna Nicole Smith?

That Countess LuAnn can spin a tale, doncha know:)



2 thoughts on “Drama Returns With Basketball Wives LA

  1. Where can I start? It’s said that women carry themselves the way these reality show women act and they’re doing it on tv. Jackie has a wedding every year or whenerver and that’s a waste of money. We have so many people starving and don’t have a slice of bread that could be helped. She’s probably thinking that she helps other people out in need but she can help even more with the money spent on a weeding that she doesn’t need. It botherss me so much when people spend useless money like that and they could be helping others more and more. I never heard of Brooke until now and I can’t believe someone of her caliber is on the show. We have our children looking at these embarassing shows with women like Brooke & Draya almost naked and Jackie sayiing she’s for gays. We have no morals now. Brooke & Draya, yes you think you’re hot and so much now because the guys are looking at your bodies. However, not one man will take you home to see their mama. People will do anything for money and they are demoralizing themselves to get their money.

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