Beverly Hills Nannies Tell All-Nannies Reunion

Okay, so Kristin gets a parasite from trying to teach her cat to use the toilet- this from the go to ‘Nanny’ of the nanny pool. The head of the Beverly Hills Nannies who claims to be making $40.oo an hour! Alright, already, she is the one who thecelebrities in Beverly Hills look to when they need a nanny or mannie for their children. Take Ari, the blonde whose extensions caught a lot of online flack for looking so hideous-didn’t comment & didn’t care:) anyho, Ari seems to think very little of Nannies, as she demonstrted by talking about Amber shoes and alluding to nannies as ‘objects’ and ‘accessories’ instead of human beings. WORD!

Watching the Nannies Reunion-Nannies Tell All on Saturday night, didn’t really bring any new insights to dish on. It only confirmed what this g-mogul already knew just from watching a few episodes of the show. Take Cindy Margolis as example- The woman was the most downloaded Playboy Bunny on the internet in the 90s. She posed nude twice for the magazine… Had a great career run in several legit shows. Now, she looks and behaves like one of those “man-eaters” people only read about in books or watch on a movie screen. The woman is comfortable in her skin & with her sexuality and we get that, but, take a chill pill, why doncha?

Anyho, this woman is looking for a nanny for her kids. Kristen brings her a Mannie… Margolis admits she saw Scott as “eye candy” , early on and as any viewer could see on every episode the woman acting like a cat in heat! The scenes on the show is deifinitely NOT showing  this person in a favorable light. She’s one desperate  cougar… Somebody, please get her a man! just sayin’

Now, look, there’s Amanda who is from Wisconsin and she likes Scott-she admits on the reunion, but,  does he find Amanda attractive enough to hook up ? Can she compete with, say, a cunning older woman of means? not so much. Shhh, doncha think Cindy’s already put her influence on the fellow? just askin’ Anyhoo, Justin does have a job. Lucy does talk too dang much and Maggie needs to drink less. They all gossip behind each others back and the Beverly Hills employers need to know that the sun does not rise and shine on their lives only… get a grip on what’s happening in the real world- aside from private jets, all expense paid trips, botox, wigs, extensions and shoes… feed the homeless!



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