Michelle Obama Talks Healthy Eating On Dr. Oz

Okay, so I got up early this morning to do some work since on Tuesday, I gave myself a “me time” day . I deserved it because I’d finished my third short story for contest submission! Anyhoo… got up early, had  slice of toast and coffee. Did a post on clara54 site and watched highlights from Wendy Williams and The View- good stuff going on there:)  Around 11am I’m famished, but, didn’t dare miss Dr. Oz with First Lady Michelle Obama, so sat through that before going back to the computer…I’m way too hungry to tune in to a few webinars and write for you guys, so I get up and fry myself a Bologna sandwich- yep, I’m making this sandwich and thinking, as I’m piling on the mayonaise, how good I’m going to have it when my personal chef (in my head) prepare those decadent meals from every culture- Asian, Indian, Italian, Nigerian, Cuban, French,those good ole American cheeseburgers… I console myself with the fact that Barbara Walters loves Bologna sandwiches. just sayin’

Anyhoo, settled for Balogna sandwich, Kickin’ Jalapen Ranch chips minus the dip and a pepsi-hmmm. Enough about me, let’s get it going with the g-mogul “Ts.”  Let me just say, I wanted to talk about Dina Lohan’s interview with Dr. Phil. For the record, I never watch Dr. Phil. Not since he became famous by way of Oprah Winfrey,  not hating people, just stating a fact. Oprah loved Dr. Phil after he kept her from having to pay those cattle folks in Texas. I decided against dishing on Dina’s behavior on Doctor Phil, due to the obvious fact that the woman & her daughter, Lindsay are in need of serious intervention, which, by the way, Dr. Phil attempted to do but with resistance from Dina. I mean when she alluded to the man’s ” little tie and little shoes.” 🙂  Today we learn Lindsay is in trouble again…

What I loved about watching Dr. Oz today was the positive message First Lady Michelle Obama had for parents and their kids when it comes to healthy eating and obesity. It’s great that Chicago children are back to school and what a timely message from Dr. Phil and Mrs. Obama. Guys, my kids are adults with kids of their own but even I was ready and willing to have a go with those delicious looking meals the kids were eating on the show: )

Okay, I have a food fetish, but, come on, eating healthy is all the rage. Schools are also going to get a change in how exercise is perceived. I’ve been trying to tell young people for years, it’s ok to be you! Not having to compete with other children while in gym is going to lessen a lot of anxiety levels in children. Parents & chldren have to get their motivation back and lessen obesity!

Okay, now look, I also got a good laugh when Dr. Oz attempted to jump rope. The man was all over the place! but, did a fantastic job keeping up with Michelle Obama, doing a five sequence of rope routines and executed them very well. I got exhausted just looking at her. But, I also thought why not bring on the hoola-hoops?!

In case y’all didn’t catch these little tidbits? Wendy Williams will have on a bathing suit next week as she spends time with an Olympic swimmer! Tony Danza and Tupac were pen pals and Lucy Liu will be playing the female version of Watson to Jonny Lee Miller’s ( ex spouse of Angelina Jolie) Sherlock Holmes. For the record, I will be watching “ELEMENTARY” because I so love the Sherlock Holmes series. Truth be told, nobody does ‘Sherlock’ like Robert Downey Jr. does ‘Sherlock’ – just sayin’ 

Anyhoo,what y’all think about today’s post? Hit me with your best shot 🙂



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