Kanye West Makes A Sex Tape!

So what  juicy tidbits y’all rather hear about? How one of our fav young Olympians (Gabby Douglas) rocked The View couch on Monday or that Kanye West has a SEX tape out there trending in the g-mogul media (Radaronline.com) and appears to be heating up the gossip rumor mills? Uh huh-thought so:) Anyhoo, here’s the deal at this time, thanks to Wendy Williams- the gurl is back!!! 

Seems, Kanye West and an older Kim Kardashian look-a-like made a sex tape about two years before Kanye got with Kim. Now, according to Wendy, who got the  411 from a spokeperson for Radar0nline via telephone and whose peeps purchased the tape; the woman in the video is married and admits that she did the tape with Kanye because  her husband just wasn’t giving her any and well, a girl gots to have it!

Anyhoo, settle down cause there’s more. as per Radaronline.com, the sex tape is being shopped around to various media and adult industries and that their copy of the tape was obtained legally.  Also, while Wendy is gettting a tell all about this tape, she interrupts to tell the audience that someone in Kanye’s camp is attempting to squash the tape from being leaked- too late, doncha know?  

According to reports given to Wendy, Kanye West could be seen adjusting and setting up the video and once the two of them had sealed the deal, Kanye turns off the camera. Apparently, the entire encounter seemed without love or passion- just getting down to business… Now, Wendy goes even further with her questions about Kanye, asking :

1. How he rates in viewing of the “act” itself and the response was an 8…I for one don’t know how this person could answer for the woman getting the sex… but, oh, well.

2. Did Kanye use condoms? Yes, the rapper practices safe sex!

3. Yes, the woman is an older versioon of Kim Kardashian, but, it’s definitely not KK.

Okay, now, Gabby Douglas, Tim Conway, Carol Burnett and Vickie Lawrence were guests over at The View. just sayin’

Anyhoo, don’t forget that Gabby will be appearing on her favorite show in November- The Vampire Diaries- girl after my own heart:) check your local listings for time slots.

Now what y’all think about Kanye’s Sex tape biz? Good or bad move?


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