Explosive Women Of The New Jersey Housewives!

Imagine for a moment you find yourself being ‘ticked’ off in a fmaily gathering by one of your family members and ya just can’t stand it anymore! So, you let em have it with both barrels…Now imagine that you’re a celebrity of sorts and that you’re going head to head with your cousins, former best friend, sister-in-law and a woman you’ve always looked up to? YES, we’re talking about the 1st reunion episode of  Bravo’s Housewives Of New Jersey!

Teresa Guidice sat on Andy Cohen’s couch in Atlanta where the show aired, all decked out in Green. She wore her dark hair in cascading curls ( hair extensions according to sis in law, Melissa Gorga) anyho, Teresa was out for blood, eyes flashing green daggers. Keep in mind these women haven’t seen each other in a year- Melissa Gorga did go to Teresa’s kid birthday party- where Melissa accused Teresa of grabbing her arm-

The women started cackling like hens from the get-go.This g-mogul had a hard time trying to understand the words coming out of their mouths-for real! After Andy settled them down, the stuff started hitting the fan like this:

Teresa to Caroline- “You old hag”!    “I look and see blubber, blubber, blubber.”

Caroline to Teresa- “shut the fu#ck up! this isn’t about you, it’s about her child.” This one after Teresa interrupted Jacqueline’s talking about her pain of having a child with Autism and how he had regressed- a truly sad moment that Teresa butted in with how her daughter and Jacqueline’s son used to have play dates…

Melissa Gorga- “This b*tch is crazy!”

Kathy Wakiles- ” Your mother is a liar too.” “Your dad is a coward.”

Teresa Giudice to Melissa- “that’s the same eyeshadow I wore a year ago.!”

Teresa Giudice’s talking points:

Kathy almost divorced husband Richie- and Richie has yellow teeth.

Caroline had a tummy tuck and waled around for month bent over in pain.

Told Jacqueline- “You set me up!”

A voice booming in anger starts yelling from the back ” I will rip her friggin’ ( that “F” word again)  head off!’ and “I’ll friggin’ (F) kill her.!” Well it’s Teresa usually amicable cousin and Kathy’s sister- Rosie, who is one scary person- just sayin’

Apparently Rosie was upset when Teresa alluded to her father being closer to Teresa than to his own children, Kathy and Rosie.

I mean once Teresa found out it was Rosie threatening bodily harm and willing to go to jail for it? She calmed down with mouth agape. Dang right! Teresa ain’t no fool, doncha know? 🙂

Anyho, this was only the first in a three part housewives reunion special- the men come on next Sunday, as well as Rosie…pay close attention to how Teresa behave y’all!


P.S. All of the housewives have had a little ”something’ done- just sayin’


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