Celebrity ‘Bullet Points’

So I just woke from a nap and now I’m ravenous for; food, a drink- Liam Neesom…thought I’d just put it out there since it’s coming up to fall and all:) Anyhoo, what really got me zeroed in on Liam was watching Ellen yesterday and seeing the man in those pink speedos (biting my thumb) and by the looks of him, Liam’s been hiding ! just saying’. Ellen got him dunked for a very good cause- Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Over at Wendy Williams, women are cutting their locks for the cause- all good stuff.

Today, sources are saying that Chris Brown and Rihanna had a tryst in the bathroom of a New York night club. Who amongst you are surprised? Didn’t we see her rubbing all on his head at the VMAs? Chris’s on again-of again gurl supposedly arrived in New York today. Wonder what’s that goin’ be like? I’m not too surprised to hear that Mariah and Nicki got into it, either…2 Divas in the same space can get ugly. Everyone is talkin’ about how Mariah couldn’t “read” Nicki like she was expected to do. Maybe Mariah feels like she didn’t want to waste her time.

There’s some backlash from Arnold Schwarzenegger admitting on Leslie Stall 60 minutes interview he slept with his co-star while making the Red Sonja movie  when he and Maria were living together. The thing is Arnold was blasted for appearing to have little remorse and saying “I’m not perfect.” You know, I feel where Arnold is coming from- nobody’s perfect, but, does he have to invoke “Total Recall” during these interviews? The fans love you Arnold and know you’ll be back:)

Now, look (Wendy persona) did y’all catch that pic Oprah instagramed to her twitter page!?! At 58 years old, she’s getting her sexy back with non other than Terrence Howard and shout out to all of us! Actually, the two of them wrapped up filming a movie based on a true story about a black butler who served in the White House under several Presidents. The movie is called “The Butler.” 

NeNe Leakes was back on Wendy this week and answering 5 fav NeNe-isms:

Favorite lady on The Housewives of Atlanta-Cynthia Bailey

Man fav- A man who can hold a conversation

 About her fav- Veneers

Home alone thing to do- Watch TV

Like about being famous-Free stuff…

Before we wrap, let me offer a clarification for the self proclaimed “Queen” of  The Basketball Wives LA…

Jackie, you got fired up with Draya for no real reason- where was the drama? Gurl, that was all you!

Anyhoo, you called the women ‘hookers’ and yourself a ‘queen.’ You also referred to “Lazarus” as not being a friend of yours-Really?

Okay, the viewers know you meant to say “Lucifer!”.  Just chill it down Jackie, you’re making the older woman look ‘baad’. Either way, you take a xanax or your ‘arse’ will find yourself on the sidelines CLAWING’ to get back in! 



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