Stacey Dash “Our Country Is Not United!”

Can you believe this? I’ve been trying to write this dang post for the last 2 hours already! First, I couldn’t log into my site- then, I’m having to Reboot the computer that’s become slower than molasses in Wintertime…but, here we are:) Before I get to what’s happening with Stacey Dash, let’s be clear about one thing as this comes from a former veteran nurse- I hate it when celebrities puke their guts out on stage during a live performance and goes on with the show like nothing happened! From where I’m sitting, the stink from that puke/vomit is foul and odorous and fumes are going into the nostrils of those fans up close and personal. It’s gross, unsanitary and foul for singers to throw up on stage, subject their dancers and audience to the horror, only to pretend they didn’t just stink up the joint and then blame it on the  “milk” and the “flu.” just sayin’

Now Stacey Dash, former “Clueless” and “Single Ladies” actress, has gone on the Piers Morgan Show to say she endorses Mitt Romney for president. She, being a black actress in Hollywood, thinks that ” our country is not united.” and tweeted how folks should vote for Romney as he is the only choice for our future! Hmmm, let’s back up for a minute and talk about another probable cause for this “nice” woman/black actress, to go on Twitter to make a case for Mitt…

It seems odd to this g-mogul that Ms. Dash would go public with her endorsement because as everyone knows, there are many celebrities who endorses Mitt Romney- Back & White. The long standing word of advice given to young Celebrity? “Shhh” as in keep your political preferences up close and private , if you want to continue to work in this town. This pact for secrecy isn’t new and applies to ones’  intimate relationships as well- although with more celebrities coming out of the closet, that idea might be changing- I digress, I know:) 

Now, Stacey says she did her research and tells Pier Morgan “I want the next four years to be different.”  Don’t we all? But, at what cost? Does that mean we’re going back instead of forward? Mitt Romney has his own agenda once he’s in the oval office and agendas mean starting all over again from scratch or don’t anybody get that? Who wants to regress and not continue to move forward? Obama gave the world some stuff to handle & digest, however, the next four years doesn’t mean more of the same- been there- done that…there are plenty black celebrites in Hollywood who are Romney supporters. Do you see any of them tweeting  their political party preferences?  

I would propose that Ms. Stacey Dash has an agenda of her own. She reportedly left ‘Single Ladies’ to return home to be with her family-cool. But, it’s also reported that some celebrities on the show were glad to see her go. In the face of celebrity, one must keep themselves visible. if anything, Ms. Dash has done just that. The tweet backlash wasn’t in the plans, doncha know?

And frankly, no one should be treated so ugly for their freedom of choice.

Stacey Dash bravely took to twitter to endorse Mitt Romney and so has become, in the words of Pier Morgan ” The most controversial Black Woman Today.” hmmm.

Ms. Dash states she made her decision based upon her research. I wonder if she listened to or has spoken to Shannon O’ Brien, an up close and personal opponent of the Mass. debates in 2002?



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