Barbara Walters In Fox News Segment

Let me just tell y’all how I feel about the VOTE. Voting is not a priviledge- it’s a right of the people! Many folks died and shed their blood and tears , beaten to death for the right to vote and if anyone of you who doesn’t vote and is capable of voting out there- read my lips- that’s just a shame and a disgrace! I’m going to go all Lindsay Lohan on you people and just say OMG!

So, anyhoo, being the fair minded person that I am:) I want to hear both sides of the story. So, don’t feed me lies and expect my vote. Fox News have this mantra going saying how the main media is protecting Obama and skewing reports about his stance, Libya and other stuff to the American people and then, they go on the attack- scratch that- Fox News is the attack. just sayin’

Last night On The Record with Greta Vansesteren, there was an all out attack against the President, saying he lied about calling the attack in Libya,  a Terriorist act. That he lied about the Administration time frame of knowing about these attacks. At one point, Sarah Palin was brought in to add her 1 cent…I mean, Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house doncha know?

But, even though, this was a malicious attck from the Right, it wasn’t the reports embellished and animated that shook this g-mogul up… it was hearing that the young lady who asked about equal pay for women on the debates was now being attacked by Republicans- for asking an innocent question a voter has the right to know and how Fox News is using a clip of Barbara Walters from The View to aid in their strategy for Mitt Romney votes.

This is how it went down at The View roundtable on Tuesday. When talking Politics, everyone goes full blast-especially Elizabeth Hasselbeck as she turns every positive into a negative about Barack Obama. The other women try to remain objective, until Hasselbeck becomes downright “ugly” and so it happened again on Tuesday.  Ms. Hasselbeck was on a roll against the President when Barbara Walters, attempting to take control and calm everyone down, conceded that in the beginning Romney came off as standoffish, misinformed and out of touch-word!

Now, Ms. Walters says the public sees him as, well, “Presidential”. What Ms. Walters and the world knows is this: Romney had a good coach or coaches. He spins those tales like a good storyteller-not great, but, well enough to hoodwink voters into believing there really is a Santa Claus_ okay, people, dang 🙂 Barbara Walters has maintained she doesn’t endorse any candidate for public consumption. However, her apparent defense of Romney on The View looks like she’s endorsing Mitt Romeny and has become leverage for Fox News to use as favorable talking points for Mitt Romney! Talk is cheap…Fox News does a lot of talking with very little substance to back that talk up.

When the President of the United States is referred to as a “retard” by Ann Coulter and outright lied on by the Governor of Virginia ( corrected by Andersen Cooper) saying how the President owe the Navy an apology for the “Bayonets” comment when Obama’s statement was in direct support of the Navy’s Military. My conclusion from watching Fox News? Stay away…Stay very far from Fox News! just sayin’



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