Celebrity Teas You Might Have Missed…

First off, let’s send collective prayers to those in New York and surrounding areas after the horrendous aftermath from Hurricane Sandy! 70 deaths were noted as of this post. Can you imagine The Hudson River spilling over onto the Jersey Shores? Well, the President is out inspecting the damage while his opponent is out campaigning for votes. I woke up thinking on women rights, preexisting medical conditions and voucher handouts to pay for unexpected and chronic medical care! I thought repealing Rowe Vs. Wade… about babies needing proper nutrition and medical care to grow…  poor children needing to eat balanced meals in order to survive another day. For me to ponder before my cup of java is a very big deal, people! 

And I haven’t even drank my cup of java and I’m having moments of anxiety…what if we have to return to the very beginning and start over with a businessman whose biggest fan is Donald Trump? Just sayin’…Moving forward with celebrity dish you might not have heard:

Reportedly 4 Basketball Wives of LA have lost their jobs; Malaysia, Brooke, sisters Laura and Gloria. It seems, Gloria married her beau and babies daddy, Matt Barnes in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas without telling the producers- the producers are said to be livid with Gloria. The Reality Show is hurting in the ratings and doing very poorly, according to insider teas because viewers consider the show boring…wouldn’t you think Jackie would be somewhere in that mix to be let go though? Hmmm.

I caught a bit of Houstons… On Our Own and have only a few words to say about the show: Get some help for Bobbi Kristina, people! The child is spiraling out of control with substances she doesn’t need. Grief takes on many forms and it’s apparent Bobbi Kristina is grieving. It’s unhealthy the manner in which she has chosen to grieve and the adults surrounding her must take control of the situation. This g-mogul and former nurse did not like what she saw from watching this show.

VH1 Behind The Music with Toni Braxton was a bit of an eye-opener in that Toni admits to feeling guilty about her fame and having to leave her sisters behind and going solo with La Reid & Babyface productions. She said that everytime she called to speak to her mom-Evelyn about another award, or accomplishment, her mom would say “yes, but don’t forget about your sisters.” Hmmm, well that presssure would be off putting for any child to hear. Now, that the sisters are all on The Braxtons and Tamar have Vince, maybe, at 47, Toni Braxton can finally ‘breathe again’ and regroup with the new album and enjoy the remainder of her  life accomplishments…jeez:)

I leave you with a question:

Did you think Oprah was nasty to Toni Braxton when she interviewed her back in March 1998? Go back, watch the tape and leave a comment. Remember, Toni said that Oprah ” was so freaking mean to me.” 



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