Tamar Braxton: Divorce Is Not An Option!

Okay, so, we have a lot of stuff to get to this week, so you, my fellow peeps will be getting 2 for the price of 1-as in the “Teas”.  Let’s give a hearty shout out to all of you guys pitching in to help out during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We don’t always see eyeball to eyeball in this worldly place, but, folks tend to come together when there is a crisis…hmmm, why is that and not for all time, you think? Well, anyhoo, thanks for all you do and please help get out the vote! I’m a woman who makes her own darn choices:)

Moving right along, did any of y’all see Wendy Williams on Friday? Okay, so, like I said- loads of catching up to do on the gossip trail . Anyhoo, Tamar Braxton and hubby Vincent had to come on the Wendy Show to clear up all of those gossip blogs out here ( sans yours truly) saying how their marriage was in trouble and so forth- rumors going down before the actual happenings- that ain’t how this g-mogul roll. But, y’all recall Wendy did say after reporting the reported rumors about the couple, that she didn’t believe the hype- that she believed Tamar Braxton was stirring the pot so to speak.

Tamar denied doing this. She told Wendy that she always tell the truth, that she and Vince did hit a rough patch during filming, but, never go to bed separately. Tamar and Vincent also agreed that “Divorce is not an option.” Tamar said it first and Vincent agreed- stating they’d discussed this very early on in their marriage. And yes, they’re selling the home they’ve had for a year to find a place that can house exercise equipment for Vince ( further his good health & recovery)) and shoes for Tamar! 

Now, Wendy did ask about Toni Braxton’s Behind The Music spill when Toni called out lady “O” for being “so freakin’ mean” to her during that difficult bankruptcy period. Tamar said Oprah was in essence, still a person and that she hurt her sister, Toni feelings… just sayin’. Okay, so, I also got from another Wendy episode the favorite five things Halle Berry love about being a “Celebrity”

1.Love to splurge on- shoes and purses

2.Like about being famous? Not having to make reservations at restaurants

3. Favorite dtr Nayla moment? calls her mom Halle Blueberries

4 Fav Television show? The Voice

5. The other celebrity she’s most mistaken for? Toni Braxton (with short hair) and Janet Jackson (with long hair)

Okay, that’s it for today’s post- back at ya on a later post.  In the meantime, remember ” a hero ain’t nothin’ but a sandwich.” 🙂



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