A Few Of Whoopi Goldberg’s “Favorite” Things

Okay, so we all remember watching Oprah Winfrey bring out some of her “favorite things” when she celebrated her birthday or holiday or whenever the heck she felt like putting on the ritz. We, the viewers loved it and if you were lucky enough to have a seat in the audience- more power to you because y’all were all going home with some great Oprah stuff!

Well, the celebrity tradition of showcasing favorite things is continuing over at The View with Whoopi Goldberg and her “favs” stuff. Just to be clear, Whoopi started this favorite thing while Oprah show was still airing. Whoopi’s take on favorite things are a bit different than Oprah’s doncha know?

Whoopi celebrated her birthday on Tuesday with the aduience members at The View by introducing a rare appearance of one of her good Hollywood friends- Robert Deniro . I loved seeing the guy and for all of his celebrity, he appears down to earth and shy. Anyhoo, we come to Whoopi’s favorite things segment and I have to tell y’all- the woman is trippin’!

The stuff Ms. Goldberg uncovered was weird, expensive and downright bordering on the hysterics… Okay, so Sketches, I can wear. Love them in nursing whites. Cookies and Brownies, my favorite- wouldn’t pay an arm or leg for the stuff, but, we are talking celebrity here. I want y’all to know, I visited the url of every site to see some of this favorite Whoopi stuff. The sales at Bloomingdales would pay my rent for a month… just sayin’

Here are the sites: Celebrites, y’all are just rich and “weird!”

1. Rubyetviolette.com- for cookies & gift boxes

2.Gowalk Sketchers @ sketchers.com

3. Tivoliaudio.com- for a radio that connects from around the world, with prices of $399.99 and up! oh, forgot the apps at this site ? expensive…

4. Ricsb.com- people this one takes the cake! Whoopi must be getting a bit touched on her aging journey- where’s the wisdom Whoop? Anyhoo, the 5 piece knife holder the audience saw is classified as a piece of art. Let me be clear, I love art. I’ve always wanted to be an artist, doncha know. But, these sculptured and creative soul brands by Raffaele Iannello from Italy? Not in my world! Okay, I know, not for the commoners:)

5. Wedgewood.com- flatware, holiday and otherwise had some reasonable prices along with expensive stuff. I didn’t like any of the stuff- Whoopi, you’re one of a kind!

6. Amazon.com kindle- by far my favorite of Whoopi Goldberg’s favorite stuff. I’m a reader as well and even have my book out for all y’all kindle readers (hint) well, a little plug never hurt and the holidays are coming and your g-mogul don’t get paid for looking pretty…just sayin’ 

Anyhoo, if you missed Whoopi’s birthday celebration and some of her favorite stuff, go to the sites in question and hit me up with your take? I betcha y’all got an opinion 🙂



8 thoughts on “A Few Of Whoopi Goldberg’s “Favorite” Things

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