Andy Cohen Dishes With Wendy Williams

So Andy Cohen is one of the big boys over at Bravo. His “Look What Happens Live” is entertaining at best. But, I think, like most of y’all, it’s his affinity for the “teas” that make him like the creme de la creme of g-moguls- ok?.. Andy has become a regular on the Talk shows, appearing on Andersen Cooper (a good friend of his) and Wendy Williams, amongst others.

On Monday, Andy let it all spill on Wendy with ” ask me anything!” Y’all know that’s all Wendy needed to hear:) She’s a ‘she-devil hound, set to snag her gossip chops on everyone she could think of in the Housewives franchise. She asked if Jill Zaren would be getting her own show with Bravo? “NOooo”

Is Andy angry at her for allegedly attempting to tape her segment with him to sell? Apparently, Andy doesn’t regret having Jill on the show and wishes her well as she is shopping a reality show with others-not bravo. What, asks Wendy, is the drama between Flipping Out, Jeff & his assistant/friend Jenny? Has she finished the book and exactly what could she say about Jeff that we don’t already know or assume? just sayin’ Anyhoo, seems Jeff doesn’t want Jenny to write the book that’s still in progress, but, the two are stil working closely together in their perspective jobs…hmmm

Did Kim quit The Housewives of Atlanta and will Danielle be returning to The Jersey Housewives ? Andy sort of smug details  on these questions, due, in part to circumstance where viewers will have to watch the antics of the housewives to see why these people “quit” in the heat of argument-Kim and things in regards to Danielle will have to unfold on the show.


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