Celebrity Bang-ups, Blow-Outs And Oh No He Didn’t!

On the heels of Thanksgiving turkey, Black Friday holiday shoppers and Cyber Monday online blowout sales, here come more Hollywood drama and doncha just love it?! Now, y’all know, here at the “T” we don’t do nasty , lowdown or invasion of grief-stricken privacy…that’s just how I roll 🙂 But, a good fight? Even, a class act like me:) couldn’t pass that one up. Just sayin’

Anyhew, seems Halle Berry had her hands full with the likes of her two frenchmen-eye candy for sure ( thumb in mouth) Apparently stuff hit the fan when GabrielAubry returned his daughter with the actress to her home, where he encountered the fiance, Olivier Martinez.

Sadly, Gabriel got the worst of it as the former boxer, Olivier, beat the poor guy to a bruised and swollen pulp. It wasn’t a fair fight, in my opinion. To batter a person who makes his living with his face… is just wrong! Gabriel is claiming he’s the victim in all of this and has filed for a restraining order against Martinez, who Aubry states has threatened to kill him, in essence, if he didn’t also tell the cops it was Aubry who started the fight! There is a tape somewhere that will supposedly show who did what- to be continued.

Now, y’all bear with me for this next shocker, because I’m all tongue-twisted. The young star of Two And A Half Men , Angus Jones, again, in my opinion, has lost his way! On one hand, he’s found Christianity ( love the Lord myself) but, on the other hand, the 19 year old is Videotaping his dislike for the gig that made him rich! In other words, he’s thrashing the show, much like Charlie Sheen did in 2011!

On another level, this kid could be gettting a raw deal with this religious sect like folks, calling themslves Christians while judging other people. Methinks it smacks of  publicity seeking provocateurs who want the center of attention that they are so against. Young Angus admits to having his troubles with drugs and credits these newfound friends of Christian values with helping him get over the hurdle. He says, in part about the show, ” I don’t want to contribute to the storm. You cannot be a true God fearing Christian and be on a show like that.” and begs viewers in the video to ” Please stop watching!”  

Angus is at a virginal, gullible and easily manipulated age. Hoping he got people in his corner he can trust to steer him in the right direction at this stage in his acting career that thrives on longevity, otherwise, like Stacy Dash (:)) and Kirk Cameron (who?) that kid will never eat lunch in tha town again! 

My g-mogul advice? Stay focused Angus, love the Lord and all, but, if you hear this Red Flag from your Christian friends, “So what you gonna do with all that money?” run for the hills…just sayin’

Look, I got real work on a paying gig for once, so…



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