Celebrities Who Bare It All For PETA

Well, we knew it was coming- Wendy Williams is the latest celebrity to pose nude for PETA! In a campaign that promotes anti cruelity ads, protests and sometimes throwing paint on folks wearing fur, the talk show host states she used to wear fur until she found out about the treatment of these animals. I’ve never liked fur or leather, but, that’s just how I roll:) Not because of animals, but, because leather is cold and fur… itchy. Just sayin’ Anyho, give me some cotton people!

Now, Wendy showed her audience some of the ad poses last week.. They were seemingly in good taste, not like Playboy or anything. And according to Wendy, it was a closed set with just the photographer, herself and her husband who she said, was “talkin’ dirty”  to her throughout the shoot…by the way, they’re all air-brushed doncha know?   

All in all, Wendy seemed very (and I mean ‘very’) pleased with the nude photos. The Talk Show Host joined the ranks of other celebrities who bared their bottoms for PETA in the past, including, Taraj P Henson, Joss Stone, Khloe Kardashian, Nia Long, Kimora Lee Simmons/Hounsou/ex/, Chad Ochocinco, with a football placed strategically on his balloons:)  okay, people! Hey, don’t hate…just reiterate “I’ll rather go naked than wear fur.”

Wendy Williams

Didn’t Cloris Leachman go sort of nude with that cabbage dress? hmmm….A few other thoughts if you please?

Lisa Vanderpump , Housewives Of Beverly Hills is getting her own reality show, centered around her fab and chic restaurant, called, Vanderpump Rules.

Tomeka Harris of TI & Tiny, The Family Hustle and wife of TI, is getting her own talk show, called Tiny Tonight  ( potty mouth- Shekinak friend in tow)

NeNe and Greg are together after the divorce. Kim walked out of The Housewives Of Atlanta and your g-mogul (that be me) just received the “Written Acts Of Kindness Award!” Oh, stop, y’all just too kind:)



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