On The Couch With Basketball Wives LA- 2nd Season Finale

On Monday, viewers got to tune in to Basketball Wives LA 2nd season reunion. It was from, in the views of one g-mogul- hell on extension wheels. The crap from these women was hitting the fan and coming forth from their bitter mouths, so fast and furious, even I wanted to offer them a chill pill- for real, people! The women of Baskeball Wives were dressed all fine, sitting all proper and serene until the cameras started to roll in their direction. John Sally, an ex basketballer and host of the show had to literally hide his glee behind his notes with questions from y’all.

First off, Malaysia, somehow labeled the “peacemaker” between all the women drama, let it be known that she is relevant and responsible for keeping the show together. She’s appearing so demur and quiet, but, do not be fooled, people, this former Video Vixen has a childhood friend sitting next to her on the couch who tells it like it is- birds of a feather and all, doncha know? Anyhoo, Bambi is a rapper from the hood who makes no bones about it. And she doesn’t turn away from a fight. Right now, she’s itching to slap Gloria at the first chance she gets. She tells Gloria “You don’t have any shimmer.”

Gloria posturing in white with her lips painted on RED tells the camera this ” Let’s not get it twisted, I’m the reason why there’s a spinoff.” She reminds the viewers  it was she and her sister, Laura who came out to Los Angeles. Gloria minced no words when Sally asked why she didn’t let any of her cast or producers know about her marriage to longtime beau ,Matt Barnes. Gloria said it was a spur of the moment thing and only her close family was informed. Noting that at the moment in time, no one else mattered- a gasp from the audience and sullen looks from her fellow cast members didn’t dampen Gloria’s diva like behaviour .

Speaking of big sis, Laura, well,even though she and Jackie Christie seemed to have resolved their issues in the season finale, the two of them went at it again on the couch and they were so dang nasty about it. Laura alluded to Jackie being stinky, poor and wearing cheap clothes. Pointing out her boots as evidence. At one point, Laura flaunts the wealth of her fiance by taking off her ring, flashing it around and offering to buy Jackie a house to live in! Outrageous people, just ugly.

Jackie seems to cry at every turn. Okay, I can empathize with her losing her mom. I can see her concerns raising daughters and even having a retired husband- the fiances doesn’t end. But, I’ll be damned if I’ll allow another woman to steal my glory or my thunder! I’m a g-mogul and I ain’t taking no crap! Okay, so, I’m calm now ( hand over face) but, look, Jackie needs therapy, doncha know? Anyhoo, I wish she’d get it together for another season and stop with the games… Psst, Jackie, did Laura really have eighty thousand dollars worth of work done? just askin’

Draya is sooo scared of the big gurl- Brooke; the Urban- ghetto model. Brooke is sooo threatening and ready to jump to it at any moment in time. Brooke has chosen sides in this fiasco and she’s not going to turn away from the drama. She seems to thrive on wanting to jump on little Draya with the big mouth. Draya know this: The bigger they are, the harder they fall- Mama taught me that:)

The underlying cause of this blowup from the women gathered on the couch with John Sally for their 2nd season finale of Basketball Wives LA, is so obvious as the g-mogul can read between the lines: These women are afraid for their jobs. Neither of them want to be the one sliced from the show and losing a hefty piece of pie that has opened the doors to so much opportunity. They came on camera, ready to show the viewers how relevant their presence are to the continuation of the show and who can blame them?



2 thoughts on “On The Couch With Basketball Wives LA- 2nd Season Finale

  1. You nailed it with this recap! I really thought Laura and Jackie mended things too, at the same time, Laura didn’t seemed phased at all by Jackie’s tears when she broke down during their trip to New Orleans. I had a sneaky suspicion Laura wasn’t as forgiving as she let on.

    • Welcome Tamyka!

      Doncha know Jackie is making me grrrr with her “need” to be liked… Remember when asked if she (Laura) was that evil and she said “yes!” Just sayin’ 🙂

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