A Look Back At Celebrity-2012



Happy New Year Peeps! Okay, so keeping with the traditional “Out with the old in with the new” I thought it would be a blast to look back at some of my 2012 celebrity “No They Didn’t” moments. Come on y’all it’s 2013, let’s play! Okay, so Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye’s baby- new news that had to be dealt with. I mean, who knew? Anyhoo, here are some of the highlights from 2012 celebrities that caused this g-mogul to say…

Kenya of Houswives of Atlanta twirling about in some uggly chiffon or silk dress thinking she was “Gone With The Wind” fabulous!

Lindsay Lohan not bothering to thank Charlie Sheen for giving her the one hundred thousand dollars to help offset some of those outlandish, outstanding bills…that’s sooo tacky. Lindsay, Who are you, really?

Whoopie Goldberg causing nausea  by constantly kissing & sucking up to Barbra Walters on The View- Whoopie, you’re a Star and you already got the job. just sayin’

Not one, but two men fighting over Halle Berry! This G-mogul have just one question for the actress…Is it enough for Halle to love Halle?

Wendy Williams posing naked for PETA

Evelyn Lozada marrying Chad Ochocinco, charging him with domestic abuse, sitting down with Iylana Vanzant to Fix Her Life…that’s a good divorce.

Jackie Christie, Jackie Christie, Jackie Christie…did I mention Jackie Christie? (The Academy awards…Jackie Christie)

Wendy Williams catching flax after saying Beyonce talked like she had a 5th grade education- really Wendy? You’re my gurl ,but, sometimes, you gotta remember-words are like bullets. Okay, so you’re rich and I’m not… You’re there and I’m here…”Whatever!”

Mob Wives Chicago cancelled!

Leverage cancelled!

Carmen Electra on Wendy Williams “Thinking” she can sing…what? Somebody needs to let her know:)

Okay, guys, let’s do this thang and make 2013 the  year of the g-mogul!

What was the biggest celebrity “No They Didn’t” in your rearview?



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