NeNe Leakes: “I’m Such A Prude!”

thENEOkay, just to put everything into perspective, we know reality shows are filmed nearly a year before we, the viewers/voyeurs get to see the action. On Sunday night, The Housewives Of Atlanta showed Cynthia giving NeNe Leakes and former hubby/present fiance, a send off to LA where she would settle into her celebrity digs and enjoy her props as one of the “it” gurls of Hollywood. Yes. NeNe Leakes is very, very, rich and now she’s becomming very, very, famous_ everything she’s worked for.

Monday was a blast in the return of all of the fav old shows, intro of great new shows and return of daytime talk show hosts 2013…over on The View couch, Jessica Lange charmed the women with her star power presence. I will never forget how she tamed ole King Kong back in the day:) anyhoo, it was good daytime talk, but, Wendy Williams made my g-mogul day when she rehashed stuff we’d already heard, but, couldn’t wait to see how she put her spin on it! Of course, Wendy had to tell how ‘she’ spent her holiday time (yawn) before the good stuff and people, the good stuff for yours truly was NeNe Leakes and former hubby/Greg, whose shoes got some Wendy “Shoe Cam”, by the way.

So, NeNe recently graced the cover of Ebony Magazine’s Money and Power issue where she caught a lot of flax or posing in a tub of diamonds. When asked about that by Wendy, she said she had no contol over the magazine’s concept with the shoot. She also said she got a lot of negatives, but, just as many positives in that head angling and eye rolling way, NeNe, the only”original”housewife of Atlanta could do. She’s also doing an upcoming cover shoot with Sister 2 Sister Magazine. In a game called,”I DO TAKE TWO” the couple answers questions from Wendy:

1. Who made the first move to get back together? Greg- both agreed

2. After dining out, who is quicker to pick up the check? Both said the other as Greg explained that it’s “their”money.

3.Who does the dishes? Greg-both agreed

4. Who goes to fast food drive thru- Greg-agreed

5. Who is more “freaky” in the bedroom? Greg! both agreed. NeNe laughs, makes those obvious motions (eyes, head, lips) says, “I’m such a prude.”

Wendy Williams gifted her newly rejoined couple and the “I’m very rich b!tch” celebrity with lingere made of money, to celebrate their love… awww.



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