Kenya Moore Brings ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous’


Now that Lisa Wu-Hartwell, Sheree Whitfield and Kim Zolciak are no longer adding their fiery verbiage to the Housewives Of Atlanta saga and the only original cast member, NeNe Leakes has flown the coop to tend to the business of getting rich in Hollywood, viewers might have thought things were never going to be the same with this reality show- well, think again!

The drama in season 5 of Housewives is not only fodder for g-moguls, like yours truly, but, brings the funny along with the shock valued “no she didn’t” and who doesn’t like their reality television spicy and funny at the same time? Recently, on the show, Phaedra got into a contractrial disagreement over her “Donkey Booty” video that she and hubby, Apollo want to make sh$tloads of money on. They, asked for the expertise of former Miss USA and one of the newest members to join the show, Kenya Moore. Ms. Moore, as y’all know got her own stuff to deal with, that fake Walter relationship that never was, the backlash from her disrespecting the legacy of Portia Stewart’s grandfather. Did y’all see Kenya turn up her nose and complain about the smell of manure on the property? Nasty Janet Jackson moment- that was.

Okay, so the beef went down with Phaedra and Kenya over fees. Phaedra wanted favors and Kenya Moore wasn’t having it… she wanted 10% for distribution of the workout product.Ms. Lawyer woman said no. Seems Kenya was out for the count, but not for long. Ms. Kenya Moore is gone with the wind fabulous and has penned a single, aptly titled “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” which she debuted on Sunday night on Look What’s Live with Andy Cohen.

Kenya was twirling and twirling to the haters who doesn’t think she looks like Beyonce or that she is gone with the wind fabulous… A beautiful woman, indeed, but, a bit lacking where it really counts in self esteem, self love and a fierce knowing that she is enough-trust and believe:)
One more thing, people, Kenya Moore brings spice to the Atlanta Housewives, regardless of her lack of humility. At least she know there’s 365 days in a year-just saying’



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