Kevin Hart & Real Husbands Of Hollywood…


There’s been so much hype over the last months about this new “eye candy” show that I wanted to see what all of the media hoopla was about and let me just say for the record; Real Husbands Of Hollywood got this g-mogul’s vote! It is fun, a hoot and easy on the eyes ladies, for all y’all women needing to take a break from reality and feast upon the likes of Boris Kudjoe, Duane Martin, Nick Cannon, J.B. Smoove, Robin Thicke and Kevin Hart 🙂

Believe it or not, Kevin Hart brings his own unique brand of sexy to this comedic and spot on spoof on reality television. The man is hilarious all by himself and adding the other men to the mix equals sheer genius. I wasn’t expecting to laugh at Nick Cannon dropping hamburger from the grill on the floor and adding it back for human consumption or for Duane Martin’s break-away clothing line spearheaded by retired and elderly unpaid factory workers. I was snickering when Boris Kodjoe pretended shock at such an arrangement, agreed to join, only to punch Duane at the very thought of not paying the elderly workers for their laborious work. A hoot!

Kevin’s character hates that Robin Thicke is an “A-list” artist who knows and hobnobs with all of the stars, married to Paula Patton and that this white dude is friends with all of his black friends! J. B. Smoove plays a hater sidekick of Kevin’s, who accuses him of stealing his comedy material. It all gels into a fun show. The men often reference their famous wives..all of whom Kevin wants to hit on.

Real Husbands Of Hollywood have something for every viewer. The celebrity briefs include appearances by Keri Hilson, Common, Ed O’ Neill, Russell Simmons and Nelly. Nelly joins the guys in several scenes, so he’s maybe a regular. I loved the show, except for the few nagging brainisms ( is that a word?) Anyhoo, the slightest reference to the “N” word gets under my skin and the 11y/0 kid beating up on a grown man? Funny, yea, but… Those 2 things triggered a…just sayin’.

Overall, the verdict for Real Husbands of Hollywood is a thumbs up and I would agree with many of you it is a winner and everything your heart desires come Tuesday nights on BET!

Side Note:  Second Generations Wayans? 0k….verdict is still out on this one, as I wait to view more episodes. A Gabourey Sidibe sighting failed to settle a tinge of disappointment in hopes the show do better. Maybe writers can start by reminding young Damien that imitation is a form of flattery, but he’s not his uncles…



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