Malik Yoba As Doctor Martin Luther King Jr…


It was his stint as a New York undercover cop in the hit drama New York Undercover that viewers perhaps remember the chocolate swagger of a relatively unknown Malik Yoba. Since then, the all around renaissance man has used his talents as a director, singer, playwright and motivational speaker of sorts to elevate his acting creed from back in the days.

Of course, the man still acts, starring in Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?” and “Why Did I Get Married Too?” playing the hubby of Janet Jackson. I have to say, the one movie was enough for yours truly. Loved me some Jill Scott, but, it takes a great movie to hold my g-mogul interest doncha know? I think Malik’s role in the upcoming Lifetime Movie, “Betty & Coretta” will be a great one to watch on Sunday, Feb 4th in honor of Black History Month- aside? My Black History is on the real every month, 365 days in a year, but, I can dig it:)

Malik Yoba will portray the honorable Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. and Angela Bassett his wife, Coretta Scott King. The movie centers on the lives of Coretta and Betty Shabazz, the widow of the honorable Malcolm X after their assassinations. Betty will be played by Mary J. Blige in her first dramatic acting role and Malcolm will be played by Lindsay Owen Pierre. This story never gets old, no matter who plays these historical figures- remember Paul Winfield and Denzel Washington? Well, if you haven’t seen those films, you should. just sayin’

Anyhow, Malik is making the talk shows to promote the movie. Sitting on the Wendy couch, he went on to tell a bit about his personal life- Wendy digs deeper than a detective to get the goods on her guest. Now, Malik is dating a Jamaican woman. He went to counseling to get the relationship thing right. His son, Malcolm is ten years old. Speaking of old? Wendy remarked how she thinks of Malik as a “comfortable old friend.” Well, he has gotten fuller in places, but, haven’t we all?

Malik Yoba prepared for his role as Martin Luther King by listening to lots of old video and reading. I cannot wait to see the movie! Maybe diehar fans want to hear he’s dropped an album next.



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