The Cast Of Roots Reunite For Daytime Television

th roots with babyThirty-six years after the premiere of a historical look into one family’s survival from the bondage of Slavery spanning over 100 years, brought to the world’s attention from the pages of an ancestor and author, Alex Haley in his book ROOTS, the original and iconic cast of the equally award winning, breathtaking movie, reunites in celebration of a pulverizing time period.

The television movie series aired on ABC and garnered over 100 million viewers world wide and shined a spotlight on the atrocities of slavery, brought to a haunting reality by it’s actors, scriptwriters and the late Alex Haley. It was the third most watched TV episode of all time. This g-mogul watched with a mixture of pride and fear as Levar Burton, refused to give in to the white slaveowner’s demand that he would be called ‘Toby’instead of his given African name-‘Kunta Kinte.’Levar Burton was only 19 and new to acting, but, we sure couldn’t tell by the way he carried that scene-made yours truly want to smack Chuck Conners aka Captain McCord with that whip. I can feel an “upset” moment.just sayin’

Roots was a highly charged, highly informative movie for people of all races and remains so today. The cast of Roots appeared on Monday’s The View and Tuesday on Wendy Williams. I’m sure they’re headed for talk show circuit, including Katie, Ellen, The Talk, GMA and Oprah’s Own Networks- this is February, Black History Month, doncha know? Anyhoo, the cast still looks good and remains active in their chosen fields. Ben Vereen was already a song & dance man before becoming “Chicken George” on ROOTS.

Louis Gossett JR. will always be “An Officer And A Gentleman & an award winning star, even after being the common sense “Fiddler” who consoles young Kunte Kinte in the scene by going off script with “There’s going to be a better day.” The beautiful and naturally natural Leslie Uggams can always sing for her supper like she did before “Kizzy” and continue to break down barriers as she had to do during her performances with white audiences early on in her singing career.

Levar Burton aka Kunta Kinte, remains a Reading Rainbow PBS favorite program to watch as kids get to learn how to ‘be.” This very gifted and proud man admits to having studied for the Priesthood for four years before quitting because he realized he loved -SEX! If they only had more honest priests like Levar- ok, people! dang…

And just so y’all know? ICE still Loves COCO.


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