Naomi Campbell Breaks Down The Shade On ‘Watch What Happens Live’


Happy Monday my peeps! It not always about the fun & gales of merriment following those celebrity “No she didn’t” moments here at the “T” blog. Before we get to Naomi Campbell calling out some Housewives ‘shade’ on Andy Cohens’ Watch What Happens Live, we have to sadly acknowledge the apparent suicide of Country Singer, Mindy McCready.

I love country music. Not all, but, some. I’m only familiar with Ms. McCready from watching her on Dr. Drew, along with other celebrities fallen victim to their addictions. Condolences to Mindy McCready’s family. Of course, I was heading to my little computer abode after watching Naomi Campbell tap dance and muddle her way through questions asked by Andy,when I read the news about Ms. McCready.

Naomi Responses to questions:
1. Which housewife is the most gifted at shade throwing? Naomi thinks NeNe Leakes with her brand of humor. Phaedra with the sweet style of shade and Kendra who puts it all out there.
2. Which housewife has The Face? “Cynthia has beautiful bone structure. I know her through Russell Simmons.”
3. Did Michael Jackson ever hit on you? “Noooo”. The two had fun doing the music video tyogether.
4.What does she use on her flawless skin? Walnut scrub and a rose mask.
5. What brand of toothpaste does she use? Shockingly, Naomi Campbell answered this idiotic question- sorta… “A very old English toothpaste.”

Of course, there were many more Andy viewer questions and Naomi played the fav game of taking the fifth. When asked to name three things she liked about her former rival Tyra Banks, Naomi said 1. professional 2. Hard working 3.Longevity. Am I the only one, or did y’all catch that itty-bitty piece of ‘shade’ where Ms. Campbell omitted anything pertaining to supermodel attributes; beauty,style, poise or class? just saying.
Naomi did go on to say she and Tyra had settled their differences when Naomi appeared on Tyra’s show. That she’s proud of Tyra’s Next Top Model success and she’d never met Nigel Barker before he came on board to host The Face, Naomi’s new show, searching for the next ‘face’ in modeling.

Naomi is one of three supermodels on the show who mentors aspiring models to compete against each other and become “The Face”. The other models are KaroLina Kurkova and COCO Rocha… yours truly won’t be watching 🙂

Although,I did like seeing Naomi tap dance routine…


2 thoughts on “Naomi Campbell Breaks Down The Shade On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

    • Believe she said the mini dress was by Alexander McQueen…didn’t quite undersatnd response to who she stays with, when in Paris…Research in progress. Believe.

      Thanks for visiting.

      Hit me up if you find tHe ans before I do:)

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