Brandi Glanville’s Unforgettable Fashion Night At The Oscars

thbrandi oscar

Three days post Oscar, people are still talking Oscar night winners, losers, behind the scenes we didn’t see and what the stars were wearing. I chose to dish a bit about Brandi Glanville- not that Brandi Glanville is a “star” but, she is a celebrity in her own right. I mean, give it up for what Reality TV has done for a lot of these women who crave the spotlight. Where once Brandi was the doting wife of an actor, Eddie Cibrian (who?) and the mother of his 2 children, she’s stepped into The Housewives Of Beverly Hills and become a favored twitter world topic of cconversation.

Let’s recap a bit, for all y’all who don’t know the details: Brandi was married to Eddie, the actor. Eddie starred alongside a sort of known country singer, named LeAnn Rimes in some “forgetable” movie- their attraction for one another took over their obligations to spouses and familty. Cameras caught them smooching. All heck broke loose. Eddie left Brandi. LeAnn left her hubby and the two of them eventually got married (whew)

Along comes bad blood, nasty tweet exchanges between the women and revenge seeking, spurned, former wife, Brandi’s determination to not go down without a fight. Brandi lands a gig on Beverly Hills Housewives. Opens her mouth most inappropriately at times, cries a lot and just keep starting drama! She soon realizes how much profit there is in “drama.” Brandi writes a book ( I’m thinking ghost writer) just sayin. She selects a tantalizing cover title called ‘Drinking & Tweeting’ Spills intimate details about ex hubby, Eddie and how she got herself a little “vaginal rejuvenation” with his credit card. Hits the talk show circuits and wham! Brandi Glanville’s book makes the New York Times Bestsellers List.

This is great momentum for the Reality TV underdog who is now reaping the rewards and will damn sure be paid the same $250,000 her co-stars are making or perhaps even more. Anyhoo, people, Brandi will never be making $18,000 again. Brandi is so confident. She even gets to streamline the Oscars and walk an early Red Carpet, wearing a dress she designed herself-that’s confidence:)

The dress was deemed too sexy by fashion critics and naysayers. Brandi’s Oscar dress made the Academy Awards Worst Dress List and Ms. Glanville was so thrilled, she tweeted “I made the worst dress list for Oscars. I made the Oscars list!” and so did Kristen Stewart, by the way… Yes, folks, Brandi Glanville showed a moment of recognization for herself. Take a page from Brandi Glanville, people, when Hollywood gives you crap from their table- turn around and give them deep secrets from your life with Eddie Cibrian…

Actually, I kinda like that dress-


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