Is Joy Behar Leaving The View?

thCABWLCE2 the view

That seems to be the million dollar question. According to Extra TV reports on Thursday, the talk show veteran and stand up comedian, told she won’t be renewing her contract in August. Although, Joy Behar, hasn’t made an official announcement as of this post, to the viewers of The View, she is reportedly saying after 16 years on the popular talk show, she is no longer interested in doing the show and wants to pursue other things, including more talk show, stand up and she’s even writing a play.Of course, Joy Behar at 70 years old, according to Extra, will miss her longtime friend and co-producer of The View, veteran newswoman, Barbara Wlaters, whom Behar credits with the reason behind her coming to join the ladies on the view couch.

Another big question will be, “Who will fill the seat vacated by Joy Behar?” One thing for certain, the women remaining will be sorely disappinted to lose their sparring partner (Whoopie) and whomever gets to replace her, will need to bring their A game. But, then, people,we know how women are.. I mean we are Allowedto change our minds at any given time. just saying. Don’t hate fellas, it’s in our DNA!

Change can be a difficut thing ( Iknow this) but, it also can be a great and empowering thing ( I know this!) and whatever the 70 year old Joy Behar decides for the remainder of her years, it’s going to be the best decision for her:) Okay, y’all, we know Bill O’Reilly is just chomping at the bit- factoring in how “One’s down and one to go!” oh, shush, y’all know I’m keeping it real at the “T” blog…

So who’s with me here when I predict the replacement for Joy Behar could very well be a dude? or he could just look like a lady 🙂


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