Celebrity Remnants…

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Okay, so this post isn’t about one of my all time favorite movies or about the actors involved in it. Yes, I do want to at some point, talk about Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe- I heart “The Last Of The Mohigans”, but, let’s move on people to, how Barbara Walters had down played and nixed all of the media (blogs) talking smack about Elizabeth being ousted from The View couch due, in part, to her far right idealisms…Okay, she is a bit extreme, but, controversy spices life, as long as it’s not coming from a place of heart-hate, so it doesn’t concern this g-mogul whether she goes or stays. I gotta know if Joy Behar’s sharp wit can even be replaced?

Without Joy, Elizabeth is going to eat the rest of them alive because, Whoopie doesn’t want to overstep her boundaries (sic) and Sherri is too busy brown nosing on maintaining friendships- she’s going to bite her tongue when she should keep her big gurl panties on. just sayin’. Barbara Walters isn’t going anywhere without being carried out on a stretcher. Okay, people, get real, the woman is 84 years old and should be home sleeping or having sexual relations:)

There’s something I need to say about Wendy Williams and her vacation antics. Wendy tells viewers she was vacationing and lying poolside in a ‘blonde wig”, with her sunglasses and jewelry for all to admire. Sunglasses… ditto, Wendy, but, jewelry and blonde wig…midlife crisis or what!?! Young Justin Beiber is losing his way. Wyonna Judd should not be dancing with the stars and Entertainment Tonight should stop pimping out Michael Jackson’s 16 year old son for ratings! “Mary Hart, Mary Hart- come back, Mary Hart… where you at, Mary Hart?”

Entertainment TV and Talk shows are boring as heck. Reality shows over the top and not worth my fingers on the key board, these days, but, I peeped that new reality ‘Shrink” show. Anyone out there get scared seeing the house of horrors these Psychologists come from? I mean they have their own baggage to sort out. How in the world can they help me?

Dang, people, this started out as “remmants”‘ not “rants”…Coffee over here!


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