Wendy Williams Takes The High Road On Fallout From LiL Kim’s Twitter Blast


It appears that what viewers, media outlets and every blogger on the net, not to mention, close friends and inner circle folks have been anticipating, in the form of a rebuttal from the Wendy Williams camp, might not happen-a response from the talk show queen in regards to Lil Kim blasting her on Twitter doesn’t seem to be coming from Wendy! For all of y’all who don’t get down with the gossip-Ts or 411? let me break it down thus:

On Tuesday’s Wendy Williams show, Wendy holds up a picture of Lil Kim in all of her plastic surgery glory. Now, everybody knows Lil Kim have gone waaay overboard with the plastic facial surgeries. According to Wendy, she’s out “La toya’d, LaToya Jackson.” But, Wendy didn’t stop there. She laughed that belly gripping laugh while holding up the two pictures in comparison, saying the puffy profile didn’t look photshopped to her- that maybe Lil Kim had eaten something to make her look very full ( have to see the photo) which I won’t be showing here:)
Anyho, there’s more from Wendy, but, now the most astonishing part:


Lil Kim gets wind of Wendy’s bashing on her and takes to Twitter to blast Wendy Williams for all of the allegedly “dirt” she was performing with the Rapper by the name of Biggie Smalls a.k.a. Notorious Big a.k.a. Big Poppa or if you want to just refer to his given name, Christopher George Latore Wallace…Lil Kim calls Wendy out, talking smack about Wendy & Biggie and how Biggie didn’t want Wendy after Wendy did the “act” with Biggie Smalls back during Wendy’s Radio days.

Okay, this g-mogul takes pride in bringing y’all the “Ts”… have been doing it for a long time. I won’t be posting tweets from Lil Kim here,( go to Perez Hilton or Malikalovedotcom, Nicolebitchie.com or any other famed blogger) people, cause I know how words are like bullets and can hurt, maim and kill. just sayin’. In my worldly & wise op-ed? Both parties were wrong! Wendy Williams is queen of talk these days- sans Oprah’s fall from grace and she’s my ( g-mogul mentor- in my head) but even Wendy needs to know when to put a filter on it. Lil Kim needs to leave the past and what she knows- in the past and stop with the plastic surgeries…gurl needs fixing from the inside, doncha know?

Wendy Williams laughed at Lil Kim on her Tuesday show. Lil Kim blasted Wendy on twitter Wednesday.On Thursday, Wendy appeared worse than Elvis Presley’s “All shook up” She never mentioned what was unfolding between herself & Lil Kim- the face gave it away though. Friday’s Wendy Williams show was a rerun. No doubt, Wendy’s camp is regrouping to determine how to proceed after this big blow out. Wendy, in a word or two-“shut your mouth!”

Oh, shush, just pretend y’all didn’t read into those play on words!



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