Omarosa Manigault Stallworth Bringing Charges Against La Toya Jackson!


Omarosa is not having it! Anybody who talks bad about her love for her former fiance, the late Michael Clarke Duncan, is going to have to answer to her. Seemingly, Omarosa got wind of former Celebrity Apprentice alumni and cast off, La Toya Jackson, telling Wendy Williams how she, in essence, feels like Omarosa was using her fiance’s untimely death from a heart attack, as a rouse to gain sympathy from Donald Trump-just to be clear, Latoya was answering questions leading up to speculations in response to Wendy Williams, wondering if, Latoya, like Wendy and some members of her audience believed; Omarosa’s behaviour was suspect.

La Toya responds by saying Omarosa was “wicked” and a “witch” and she wouldn’t be surprised if she had caused Michael Clarke Duncan’s demise(pulled the plug)…I think it’s all in the deliverance and from prior examples, Ms. Jackson is known to speak out of turn. Anyho, here comes Omarosa to the Wendy couch to state how she never, ever, said anything bad about people AND then goes on to call La Toya a liar who accused her late brother, MJ of alleged molestation…And for the record, your honor, Reverend Manigault never talked bad about anyone. Until she starts to talk about La Toya. just sayin’

Wendy is literally begging Latoya to apologize to this woman. So far, nothing from Latoya herself, although La Toya’s lawyers, did send a statement to Omarosa’s lawyers, that, according to Omarosa, blamed everyone but herself-

According to Omarosa, she has the best lawyers who have already files charges against La Toya, giving her until today (Monday) to personally recant and apologize for the statements she made on the Wendy Williams Show, linking her (Omarosa) to the cause of her “man’s” death and she ain’t talkin’ about tweets, either!

Sadly, I was a big fan of the late actor and methinks Omarosa should truly allow the man’s good name to rest in peace. Anyho, that’s what’s trending in gossipville, but, y’all know The Housewives of Beverly Hills finale and the reunion is tonight and so I’ll say…



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