The Housewives Of Beverly Hills “Shocker” Finale


Hello g-moguls! I’ve got a bit of dish for y’all on the subject of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- yep, the lives behind the rich, famous, privileged and the most arrogant group of liars, backstabbers and ” no, she didn’t she say that!?” women in the history of the housewives saga (sic)
First off, this isn’t a rant. What I’ve just posted is really what went on during the finale of The Housewives and their followup sit down with Andy Cohen’s Beverly Hills Housewives Reunion- part 1

It was madness before the reunion when Lisa & Ken were preparing to renew their vows after 30 years of marriage.Before this could happen, of course, drama. Faye had accused Lisa of having Brandi be her mouth. Yolanda confronted with Marissa about how she had back stabbed Brandi, with none other than Faye Resnick. Marissa back paddled, as the other women joined in; the screaming, cackling and hen fights began. Kim Richardson gets upset because her sister, Kyle refuses to acknowledge that Brandi had ‘really’hurt Kim first, instead of Adrienne. Kim reflects upon how she’d been called vile names by Kyle (Drunk) and Brandi (doing drugs in bathroom) before Kim became “clean & sober.”

Okay, then, Lisa wants Kyle to back her up- Kyle pretends she doesn’t get it (hmm) and ignores Lisa’s silent plea for her to prove her friendship. Then, a newly separated/divorcee in motion, Adrienne walks into Lisa’s home and takes a seat on Lisa’s couch without even acknowledging the hosts in their own home-who does that?! Adrienne Maloof does that. People, “Money don’t buy you class.”- just sayin’

So, the reunion follows and we get to see the hot’dislike coming from Yolanda Hadid, the newest cast member and wife of the legendary David Foster… David Foster is not only a great musician, composer and songwriter, having worked with many singers, including , Rod Stewart, Janet 7 late brother Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton and Andrea Bocelli (barely scratches an outstanding list of performers & accolades here) the man also spoke at a 2012 private fundraiser in Beverly Hills for Republican candidate, Mitt Romney!

Yolanda believes women should cater to their men- err, she’s not a woman born “American” so, let’s keep it moving- Anyhoo, these women might be rich and famous for being famous and could care less about what anyone thinks about them, but, for all of that? The Housewives, married into class or not- seems to exude a bit of ‘tacky’ behavior…



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