End Of March ‘Celebrity’ Madness

th (1)barbara wayway

Happy April, Peeps! So how many of y’all went and got yourselves “April fooled” on Monday! I feel ya. It was attempted on yours truly, but, I’m not the one:) Anyhoo, here comes another ending to all of the latter month’s celebrity “No she didn’t”!…Did y’all know there’s a daytime talk segment with the ‘no she didn’t’ celebrity rant ? I flipped through the channels and there was another g-mogul getting her “Ts”on. I ain’t hating, cause, there’s enough celebrity mayhem for all y’all 🙂

Speaking of? Barbara Walters made it quite clear when the ladies returned to the view couch after spring break that she was not going anywhere and if she was, she’d announce it on the set of The View…take that paparazzi! Also, did y’all hear Omarosa was fired from Celebrity Apprentice? Yep, the Donald tells her “I adore you” but, Omarosa, “you’re fired!” We all know who the drama queen/villain was on that show- Omarosa. just sayin’

Remember that whole Latoya debacle? How Omarosa threatened to sue Latoya if Latoya didn’t apologize to her for insinuating on the Wendy Williams show that perhaps, Omarosa pulled the plug on her late fiance,Michael Clarke Duncan? well, Latoya NEVER apologized- so, let’s just see what happens next:) Omarosa is fired and might not be able to play those high powered lawyers of hers-

Now, there’s something to be said about Brandi Glanville’s mouth, people! She needs to “shut the f*ck up!” her words, people. Listen, on the Housewives of Beverly Hill’s reunion -part 2, all of the women were being total butts in an accusatory manner. That’s to be expected, cause, y’all
know from reading the insider scoop on Reality TV, right here- what, y’all didn’t read my big scoop with Melissa Jo Peltier? WORD?

Anyhoo, we know the score with reality television- bring on the cat-fights, tears, cursing and mean girls attitudes….but, when is enough, enough? Brandi Glanville says “It almost feels like Kyle wants to see Kim fail in her sobriety” You could hear a pin drop. Shock waves hit the boob tube, people. Poor Kim turned even paler than her already alabaster-ed skin tone and she actually went into ‘shock’ & ‘shake” mode- speechless, she was for a long moment in time- whew, what a nincompoop that Brandi Glanville is! just sayin’

Okay, so, a new gossip show aired on VH1 last night, aptly titled The Gossip Game. Didn’t watch it (but will) There’s just so much stuff to dish on with y’all, but, I’m gonna have to end it with a bit of class, by saying:

Toni Braxton, I KNOW you know what a ‘dirt road’ is, chile. Don’t front, superstar. Your street didn’t start out lined with GOLD! Love me some “Breathe Again” though 🙂



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