Wesley Snipes Released From Jail…


Wesley Snipes is free! Free from prison.The 50-year-old actor of action movies like “New Jack City”, “Blade” and “Game Of Death” was released April 2nd from a Pennsylvania prison after serving a three-year sentence for tax evasion. Reportedly, the actor had said he didn’t owe the IRS any of the two million dollars claim brought against him, and even had his lawyers ask for appeal after appeal, until ultimately, the courts grew weary of Wesley’s attempts to evade jail time and finally sentenced him in April 2010.

In an interview with Black Voices, prior to his release, when asked how he was doing, Wesley spoke in third person, saying ‘we’re doing good and we’re healthy.’ Apparently, from the interview, he hasn’t lost any of his ‘authentic hood’ ‘swagger’ or ‘flavor’ and wants to get back to doing what he loves to do-acting and not necessarily action. Citing his preference for romantic and movies without the “N” word.

Always the business man, Wesley Snipes was working right up until his jail time. He completed the movie ‘Game Of Death in 2010 and another weird/western/cowboy/zombie-like action movie for 2013 release to coincide with his return to society. Clips from the movie, “Gallowwalkers” can be seen on YouTube. I watched and have to say, the shoot-em up gun-play seems to pale in comparison to Wesley, western bad-ass attire! Cool under pressure, that’s Wesley Snipes- just sayin’


Anyhoo, this g-mogul loved Wesley Snipes acting chops. His getting his swirl on in Spike Lee’s ‘Jungle Fever’, his cozying up to Angela Bassett in ‘Disappearing Acts’, ‘Devil In A Blue Dress, ‘Blade, the vampire-hero and ‘White Men Can’t Jump’. The actor’s newest film, Brooklyn’s Finest aired March 5th. Haven’t checked it yet, but, apparently, Wesley like the idea of playing a drug dealer with a conscience…seemingly nothing like his character in ‘New Jack City.’ That move was the only time Wesley Snipes made me want to do that old school “p*ss slap” on him 🙂

Welcome home, Wesley Snipes! Brother man, go on and make great movies, pay your taxes and sing us a hallelujah song…



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