Why Robin Thicke Quit Real Husbands Of Hollywood


Okay, so we haven’t actually heard words coming from the mouth of the sexy R&B crooner,on why he actually quit the outrageously, funny,at times ” No he didn’t!” Real Husbands Of Hollywood, with comedian Kevin Hart in the lead role. It’s surprising to many (like yours truly) why Robin Thicke would leave the show when it’s being picked up for a second season. Hmm. (as wheels turn)

The tweeter verse is trending and on fire with all of the possibilities, innuendos and testimonials on reasons the only white cast member left BET’s mega- money-maker show. Some bloggers allege that Robin didn’t like the way his character was headed on the show and when his attempts to have producers change parts of the script and they refused? He left without giving any indication to other cast members. He simply failed to show up for the next taping? I for one, thought that scene in the panic room was the stupidest thing and let’s not forget the one where the twin sisters had Kevin sprawled out on the table- hated it! just sayin.’

Still, there’s the teas claiming Robin was concerned his followers are leaving him, because they didn’t watch BET (mainstream America) and also that he and Kevin Hart didn’t really gel-Kevin’s taunts wasn’t appreciated. Kevin Hart, made a video addressing the rumors the two were fighting, by saying there was no truth to the stories out there, the two were on speaking terms and that dude wanted to concentrate more on his music and touring schedule.

22400robin  and paula

Duane Martin likened the husband of actress Paula Patton, as just another “Bobby Brown” stating, “He’ll probably quit the group for a week. He’ll be back.” Maybe it’s a good thing, Robin Thicke left the show we’ll get to hear more of that sexy music he’s known for. What?! Age ain’t nothin but a number ba-by:) Now, it’s reported Chris Rock will be joining the cast for their second season. Although Kevin Hart is appearing to be graciously welcoming to the veteran funny man, only time will tell how a celebrity-hog really feels.

Will y’all continue to watch Real Husbands of Hollywood and do you think the rich white guy was a bit hasty? Hey, how about this? What if producers have a reality show in store for Robin and wife Paula in something like…”And Baby Makes Three”



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