The “Ratchet” Reality of The Gossip Game

p9810481_b_v3_aa GOSSIP GAME

Okay, so let me just keep it 100 with y’all. I need a paper shredder! I’m just sayin’. Between managing 3 blogs and writing for a living, this paper trail is getting out of hand not that I’m a hoarder, God forbid, but, now that I’m b*itching about it? The dang emails are piling up as well. Why do folks send out not 1 or 2, like, 3 newsletters to your inbox/week! Get a life, people 🙂

Anyhew, we’re going to dish The Gossip Game. Yep, the old style of g-mogul teas have been relegated to a back seat with this new crop of gossip-mongers on the horizon. Don’t get it twisted, Wendy Williams has been around a Long time 🙂 First off, The Gossip Game follows 7 women in today’s Media centered around “talk” and according to Kim Osorio, editor of Source Magazine and apparently, the Queen Bee, the status of these women is defined in Hip Hop by a grading system ie a Pecking order.

The Pecking order recognizes area of importance this way; first up women in radio which would be Angela Yee and K.Foxx, admitted rivals on the air between their mother stations. Next comes the journalists, Jasfly and Sharon Carpenter. Jasfly writes for Vibe Magazine and Sharon Carpenter, the Black Brit who wants to go mainstream and become more relevant than Ryan Seacrest, writes for Global Grinds, owned by Russell Simmons and then you have the bloggers, who are obviously low on the totem pole of pecking. There are two bloggers in the group.

Candace Williams aka Ms. Drama of Ms. Drama TV Blog and Vivian Billings of Hip Hop Gossip Site. These women are natural-born ‘haters’ and that’s coming from a g-mogul of old. I put the “g” in gossip back in the day and I’ve never seen such cut throat gossip divas throw down the way these two women do. Getting the teas in Hip Hip is “Ratchet!”…Okay, so, truth? I’d never even heard of the word, but, apparently it means low down and dirty gossip- the kind where you get in bed alongside cheating folks having secret sex and you just start, recording, snapping pictures and tweeting away. Can y’all visualize what I’m saying to you?

The classic act in this group of women media personalities, seems to be Kim Osorio, editor-in-chief of Hip Hop Source Magazine, but, child, that husband of hers needs to put a filter on it. The viewers have to understand, these people have to bring the drama each week (remember the interview with Hollywood insider, Melissa Peltier?) but, who wants to see their man (husband) on camera asking to have a threesome? Sadly, we’ve left the gossip of old and entered into the ‘ratchet’ world of the new millenniums!

Whatever happened to the good ole days when g-moguls didn’t have to bring knives, shivs and pitchforks to the table of celebrity entertainment? According to one of the minuscule players on the show “You’re nobody unless you have a scandal attached to your name.” That’s sooo”ratchet”! Can somebody please get Kim Kardashian on the line for a response?



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