Real Housewives Of Atlanta Porsha Stewart Gets Twitter Love After Husband Divorce Announcement!

thfull porsha

Okay, so it’s Earth Day! and I don’t feel like talking at y’all, but, because I know you want to be all up in the grill of celebrities and what not, I’m bringing you peeps, the teas on this child, Porsha Stewart. You know people like a comeback story and folks want to see this young woman bounce back from all of the last season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta’s alumni women and “gone with the wind, fabulous” new cast-member Kenya, throwing shade toward Porsha.

Porsha seemed to be catching ‘ratchet’ behaviorism from Nene on down to Cynthia. The women were beasts, calling Porsha’s soon to be ex, Kordell Stewart, controlling and manipulative, okay, I said that:) and really, he was actually a low down dirty dog for treating his wife the way he did and for filing for divorce just 5 days after the RHOA reunion-part 3 was taped. just sayin’

Anyhew, according to Porsha’s summation on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, she didn’t know anything about Kordell’s plan to divorce her, until her sister called her while she was still in bed, to ask if she’d heard the news, whereupon, Porsha said she went on twitter to read it for herself and got out of bed to confront Kordell who was in an adjoining room! Dude was still in their house after announcing his divorce from his young wife- low down & dirty, people! So, apparently, he said, “yes” it’s true and they’re both living in the house, but, Porsha want to make sure her twitter fans do not get it twisted.

There’s no speaking, cooking of eggs and bacon or ham hocks “no mo!” Thanks for clearing that up, Porsha, gurl, you ain’t no fool. And so what if you don’t have a prenuptial agreement? You take Andy Cohen’s advice and stay in the house, gurl… or, you can file for alimony, and take Wendy Williams advice, get the Range Rover, don’t ask for the house- on account of it’s too big and electricity will cost you. Wendy thinks you should move into a 1 bedroom apartment with a doorman. Whatever you decide to do, young lady, know that your fans & twitter followers have got your back, cause you’re getting much Twitter love!


Sorry to hear how you were blindsided by kordell’s unmanly actions,Porsha. Uncanny how you said it all with a tweet before learning about the cowardly actions of the man you were willing to sacrifice your world for. You told Andy and Vivica A. Fox and viewers over on Watch What Happens Live, that youd woke up and tweeted,”It’s the first day of the rest of your life” before falling asleep again…Karma

Vivica A. Fox shut one viewer down with a smack-down when she was asked about (rapper) and former flame 50 Cents. She goes “Do we have to bring him up? That’s old news”!

Get it? “Old”



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