Will Wendy Williams Be Reprising Her Role In Think Like A Man Sequel?

thlike a man group

You guys have a good time this weekend ( safety first) because tomorrow is Friday and I’m not going to holla back until next week! Anyhoo, something came up that had to be talked about with y’all, today! Remember when Kevin Hart came to the Wendy Williams couch to talk about his rise to fame and fortune from doing the movie “Think Like a Man” based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”and getting his new show, Real Husbands of Hollywood? Y’all remember what Wendy Williams asked him? I know, that’s why I’m the g-mogul. just sayin’

Well, Wendy Williams played Kevin Hart’s overbearing wife in the movie and folks liked her, according to Kevin Hart-a lot! Wendy no doubt got a taste for the ‘acting’ bug and wants to do more movie roles not allegedly, but,a fact. She asks Kevin, so, P.S-“Are they making a sequel? When Kevin answers in the affirmative, Wendy then asks “Are you still married to me in the movie?” Again, Kevin Hart responds and I quote “You’re going to be my wife, so don’t get busy.”

Fast forward to Thursday’s Wendy William Show with guest, Taraji P. Henson, well-known for her starring roles in Benjamin Buttons, Hustle & Flow and Tyler Perry sagas. Currently, the actress has a leading role in the hit television drama Person of Interest. Okay, enough background, cause if y’all still don’t know Taraji P. Henson something’s wrong. The thing/point is, Taraji is also one of the original actresses in the Think Like A Man movie. Now Wendy, ever the sly gurl 🙂 gets to ask Taraji the burning, “need to know” question.

Wendy “Is there going to be a sequel to Think Like a Man and are they filming now, cause I hadn’t heard anything”
Taraji P. Henson- “Yes, we’re filming the sequel May 13th in Vegas.”


Okay, so Wendy as of this posting, we know you haven’t been called back to reprise your role as Kevin Hart’s wife in the sequel, tentatively called “Think Harder Like a Man” or “Think Like a Man Too” but don’t fret, there’s still a few weeks left for you to get that call! Anyhew, you’re going to be singing and dancing in the Broadway Musical, Chicago, for 7 weeks in June-congratulations and remember to think & move like you really can dance, gurl ( DWTS) memory moment,people…oh, shesh!

Kevin Hart, if you’re reading this. You’d better get on the horn for Wendy Williams. You promised her she’d be your wife in the upcoming sequel to Think Like A Man. Wendy always got your back, Kevin. Remember how she gave you props in the sex appeal department? “You become sexier as you become more successful.” Say what!?



2 thoughts on “Will Wendy Williams Be Reprising Her Role In Think Like A Man Sequel?

  1. She is as horrible an actress as she is a dancer….please don’t call her back for the sequel. She needs to stay in her lane she knows best, which is talk-show, interview, hosting stuff.

    • Don’t be hatin’, Mary! Okay, I agree to a point. If she learned how to do these things; took acting and dance classes…yea, right? Anyhew, thanks for the holla back. I sorta like her in the Kevin Hart-wife role. just sayin’

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