Nicole Ritchie in #CandidlyNicole


So we haven’t seen Nicole Ritchie in a Reality Series since “The Simple Life” in 2003 with her then BFF, Paris Hilton. Now, that she’s all grown up
at 31, married with kids and have a perfectly normal gig as one of the mentors over on Fashion Star & got her own fashion line, we, the g-moguls were probably thinking “all’s well that ends well” right? Wrong!

Nicole Ritchie is doing the unthinkable, people, she’s having her butt tattoo removed and you’re all invited to watch! Okay, it’s for her new AOL webseries called #CandidlyNicole, where viewers will get all the teas on Lionel Ritchie’s little girl’s personal shenangians- dig this:


Yep, every episode is based on Nicole real conversations on Twitter. It might be a blast to see what she’s willing to share with y’all 🙂 grown up and more clean and sober than days of old? just sayin’. Go here, starting today, to get your follow on: On.Aol.Com/candidlynicole

P.S. I told y’all how Wendy Williams is coming to Broadway in June…well, following in the footsteps of Queen Latiff and Catherine Zeta Jones, Ms. Wendy is preparing for her role as the prison Matron by in CHICAGO by she’s taking voice lessons!



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