Rod Stewart: My Wife Is Not A Beverly Hills Housewife!

throd  n wife

Happy Friday and Happy Mother’s Day! It’s all good. I’m going to let my hair down and pull out my high heel sneakers, yea-boy:) No, not really, just making you guys laugh. Listen, there’s a lot of teas I could talk about,including the break-up of the Vampire Diaries couple of three years, Ian Somehalder and Nina Dobrev, aka Damon Salvedore and Elena Gilbert.

I could tell you about the cancellation of Deception, starring Megan Goode and Southland, with Regina King…then, there’s… Say what? Okay, I’ll get on with it. Today, on the Katie (Couric) Show, Rod Stewart and his third wife, Penny Lancaster were guests. Actually Rod Stewart was the guest and Katie called wifey up from the audience to share why she turned down a gig as one of Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Penny Lancaster said, in essence, she was not a Beverly Hills housewife and was a rather simple person/wife and mother, whereupon, Rod Steward, with a great degree of emphasis stated his wife was not a housewife of Beverly Hills, that she was more of a “London” girl- not that he had anything against the housewives.Alright y- then.

A few tidbits about Rod Stewart:

He’s 68 years old. He and Penny broke up for 2 weeks after an argument.

He has 8 children, ranging in age of 2-50 years old

His oldest daughter was born when Rod was a teenager.

He wrote his “She Makes Me Happy” for his wife, Penny.

His heart was broken by his ex- wife Rachel Hunter.

His Song “Maggie Mae” was about his first sexual experience

His advice to couples? Avoid having an argument after drinking wine.

This last bit of Wendy news had a g-mogul going “No she didn’t!” Sonya Morgan, the 49 year old Real Housewives Of New York, is reportedly dating a young man of 23! And according to Life & Style Magazine, she’s already moved him into her home after only one month of dating because he can’t afford his own apartment “so Lady-in the-tramp” of you Sonya. Just sayin’ and forget you have a daughter in the house; why don’t you!?



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