Whoopi Goldberg Shoes!

th whoopie shoe closet

So I woke up in a good mood this morning and didn’t want to think about the loss of Dr. Joyce Brothers at the young age of 85 or that Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy, although we wish her well. Nor, did I feel up to the dish on Barbara Walters retiring in 2014 or how NeNe Leakes is feelings about the cancellation of her show, The New Normal. I want to have some Springtime fun and share teas on Whoopi Goldberg and those outrageous shoes of hers…don’t you!

I’ve been a fan of the ‘whoop’ ever since I caught her on stage, wearing a big white towel on her head, pretending she was some white girl from California- hilarious:) and naturally caught her show when she came out a few years ago to do standup at an Indiana venue. Whoopi, for the most part, hasn’t given this g-mogul any ugly vibes to dish about…I did say for the most part?


When Whoopi & Ted Danson got together while making the movie, Made In America with Nia Long and Will Smith, It was all good (sans his very personal & costly divorce ) Then, stuff hit the fan, people. Ted Danson & Whoopi Goldberg shows up to a Friar’s Club Comedy Roast, with Ted in ‘blackface” and sprouting the “N” word! Now, as a southern black women? That was not funny, no way, no how!!! But, we live and we learn. Ted went on to marry Mary Steenburgen and Whoopi hooked up with the actor Frank Langella for a bit… Whoopi seemingly is back in a good place, with some dang “ugly” weird looking expensive shoes (for the most part) to share for it…oh, please… I’m all for artful expression, but, some of those shoes are hideous!

thgum shoe

Take the “gum” shoe. Whoopi told us we couldn’t afford this shoe last week on The View. She wore a different show everyday to kick off her birthday celebration. The sneakers were a tad more appealing to the eye. So, my g-mogul snoop radar priced a pair of high-top tennis shoes online at Ebay for $99 or best asking price. Whoopi has amassed a fortune selling stuff, like most celebrities. I suppose it depends on how bad y’all want it. Just sayin’

th yellow shoes

So, would y’all purchase a “whoopi ” shoe?



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