Real Housewives Kenya Moore: “I Want A Raise!”


Let’s start the weekend off right by talking about one of my favorite subjects, Reality TV! Today’s subject matter is keen on one person. Ms Kenya Moore of The Housewives Of Atlanta. Well, according to the go-to source for a lot of clara54’s teas, that would be Ms. Wendy Williams, Kenya Moore feels like she is due a raise. Yes, Ms Moore approached the producers of the show apparently taking credit for the season spike in viewers, which caused a ratings hike was because of her. In essence, the ‘gone with the wind’ fabulous, Kenya Moore, somehow made this season’s show “Relevant.”

How about if we step back a minute to see just how that worked out. There was Ms. Moore on the tail end of Walters lack of attention toward her unladylike behavior as she desperately tried to woo him, lying to the other cast-mates like they had something going on, when, truly they didn’t. In the words of NeNe Leakes, “They just didn’t seem like a couple to me.”

Then, we have the Donkey Booty video versus the Stallion video. Needless to say, Phaedra apparently won in the popularity contest, outselling Jillian Michael on Amazon. com. Of course, the couple had to refine the original title of a bit, choosing Fine Body workout instead of Donkey Booty. We have to admit, Kenya stepped up her aggressive and outrageously narcissist behavior and reign over the other ladies in that category.

Kenya might deserve a raise. She did make viewers want to see what was going to happen next.I’ve heard from a reliable source how Reality Television works. Reportedly, these wannabe celebrities are given specific instructions to bring the drama every week! And if you don’t think they’re being fed suggestions on how to go about doing that; think again. Melissa Jo Peltier is a behind the scenes insider on Realty TV. Her book, Hollywood Boulevard is a must read.

The last point I’m going to make on why Kenya Moore thinks the producers of The Housewives saga should run to give her a raise? Because Kenya Moore can’t keep a secret ( except for the Walter thing) she told everyone on the housewives reunion special that Apollo, Phedra’s husband, should stop texting her! And because Wendy Williams is in her corner. Psst, hey Wendy, make sure you pay attention to whom you’re referring to on the show’s gossip segment. Today, you kept calling Kenya’s name when it was obvious you were talking about Portia. Anyway, your audience is way too polite to tell you about your bloopers- but, I’m not 🙂

So, how y’all liking or not ‘liking’ Fashion Queens?



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