YouTube Sensations On The Rise!

thcrazy glozell

So, I’ve been trying to get folks on my blog to dish about their teas of late. Reached out to a few music idols and still no holla back! What’s up with that? I mean, who do I have to be? Anyhew, all wasn’t a total bust, heard back from folks representin’ the folks- if you know what I mean. just so y’all know- I’m NOT going to beg… Pretty Please. What?

Finally, I read my Essence Newsletter & my g-mogul antenna goes into g-mogul overdrive. Why didn’t I think of this one? A couple of savvy ladies by the names of Charlene Cooper and Yolanda Sangweni put together 16 of their favorite Youtube video sensations for Essence! Yep, great idea ladies.

Anyhew, the title of these videos “16 You Tube Personalities We Love” are so great! and I agree with the women on this one, Reality TV had better watch out for the likes of these You-Tubers: Check out an interview at that Glozell, one such internet sensation shares in her very first interview how she got her start, blogging about the goings on over on The Jay Leno Show, back in 2007.

A comedian, Glozell also was a teacher before she just blew up. Go ahead and watch her video interview with dude, but, catch her latest rants on “Accidental Racist” song by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J and the song “I Hit It First with Ray J talkin’ about his sexual tryst with Kim Kardashian- hilarious! Okay, y’all I haven’t seen all 16 videos, but, I plan to:) By the way, Ray J is on The Wendy Williams Show today!

th the awkward black girl

The other young lady I like who has a future ( already been on Katie) Couric, getting her own show and making a sensation is Issa Rae of The Awkward Black Girl Series- yea, that girl! I liked Issa because she reminds me of a younger version of Whoopi Goldberg. Don’t get it twisted, Issa is college educated and has great comedic timing. She shares her YouTube genius on what “Ratchet” really means at her RatchetPiece Theatre- love it:)

Anyhew, that’s what I have to say about that. Thanks to Charlene Cooper and Yolanda Sangweni for giving the g-mogul more teas to share with my readers. And so you know, I’m still looking for that holla back from music idol, J.W.



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