Ray J In The Wendy Williams “Hot Seat”


Hello, everyone! Hope your weekend went dashingly well and you gave the honor to our deserving troops on Memorial Day. Now, I’m just going to keep it “100” with y’all on today’s tea low 🙂 I’m not interested in talkin about these lil boy bands, Ryan Seacrest interviews or how Amanda Bynes threw a pipe bomb out of her New York apartment window and called it a vase or even that the gurl dissed Rihanna on Twitter, tweeting that Chris Brown beat her because she was ugly! That news doesn’t do it for yours truly. JUST SAYIN’

Anyhew, Wendy Williams been giving us re-runs of her show of late, probably cause she’s rehearsing for her Broadway debut CHICAGO! Y’all din’t hear it from me, but, that chile need all the rehearsing she can get. What?! She did get to put Brandy’s little brother, Ray J in the hot seat last week where he spilled a few beans of worth about himself. He also admitted he never denied his “I Hit It First” wasn’t about his ex, Kim Kardashian and he claims to have moved on …right. Okay, Ray J in Wendy Williams Hot Seat:

th_ray-j 2

Do you own a copy of sex tape you did with Kim Kardashian?
“Naw, I don’t”

What’s the most embarrassing song in your Ipod?

“Pee Wee Harmon song”

Rank the best to worst song/singer of Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and Miguel (start with best)

“They’re all great artists, but 1. Chris Brown 2. Miguel and 3. Frank Ocean”

Have you ever hit on a celebrity and been turned down/name the celebrity?

“Yes, I have hit on a celebrity…been turned down and got back up and kept going.”
“About 3 or 4 years ago, I hit on Halle Berry, told her I thought she was beautiful and wanted to take her out on a date and she just went “ahh”

Aw Shucks, “You Got Love For Ray J”?



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