The Haves And The Have Nots- Only On ‘Own’!


So imagine this g-mogul trying to get a Saturday post in while overseeing three little grandchildren who keeps vying for her attention: ” Grammy, he won’t let me play with the trucks.” “Wanna see me do a handstand on one hand, grammy?” Kid, loose the specs before you attempt such a feat. Just sayin’. When your adult children have their children and look to you to become the go-to nanny-granny_ phew, if ya get my drift:) Anyhew, I’m trying to tell y’all about Tyler Perry & Oprah Winfrey’s new brain “child ” for the Oprah’s OWN network, “The Have And The Have Nots.”

Some critic are not so kind as they bashed the 2 hour premiere on Tuesday, May 28th, writing how the show was a “Dynasty Wannabe” and referred to it as’dreadful.’ I saw the show, people and although, the beginnings was a bit predictable- I mean who didn’t see that dude was gay and his client, the entitled alcoholic in the family, is going to be as well. And, then, there’s the wayward daughter ‘escort’ of the new maid who needs this job to pay some bills, only her fast tail daughter is scheming and wants to own the big house right from under her friend and the friend’s mother of the mansion. She slept with the judge before coming to the house as a guest of the daughter. The girl of the big house needs personality!

Tyler Perry’s work might not set too well with many Black filmmakers, as it’s been labeled as “buffoonery”, did I get that right, Spike Lee?, but, Tyler is laughing his critics, criticism off; all the way to the bank. To be fair, Tyler did tell Oprah he is open to constructive criticism and will seek out the people to ask them why they feel the way they do. He also said his story is not like a Spike Lee’s story and so their storytelling views are sure to differ.


Even if The Haves And The Have Nots, doesn’t hit its mark, Perry offered to assist his buddy Oprah in getting more viewers for the less than stellar viewing programming seen at her Oprah Winfrey Networks (Own) I wish them success- just don’t be so predictable in the story-lines. I could see the mother spilling wine on her daughter coming from a mile away. Y’all did too, don’t front.:)

I haven’t checked out Tyler’s comedy (Mudea-ish) for the network, called Love Thy Neighbor. I will and I’ll let you know how I’m feeling about it. I won’t be mean, just tell it like it is- Oprah & Tyler, y’all better check your emails, honey. Gotta go, the kids are hungry-again!



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