Oprah Talks To The Women Behind Scandal


Kerry Washington is the “fixer” in the television series Scandal. She and her cohorts go about their fast paced lives, fixing problems of other people. But, let’s not get it twisted,people, this is television and Kerry Washington and the Pope & Associates, cast-members,are merely actors, playing a part. According to statistics, however, viewers sometimes get all up in the business of believing the hype, as more than 6 million viewers tune in to watch the show every week!

Judy Smith, is a former white house press secretary of the former 1st president, George Bush Sr. and the real life Olivia Pope, who has actually fixed a few people lives in a crisis or scandal. Shondra Rhimes is the writer, and creator of Scandal, along with Grey’s Anatomy and The Practice. She is the one who is responsible for bring the real life of Judy Smith to the television screen as portrayed by Kerry Washington. All three women appeared with Oprah on Oprah’s Next Chapter. Scandal, according to Oprah, is “life imitating art, imitating life.”

I’m a g-mogul and I watch Scandal mainly to bring the “juicy” to you guys. Kerry Washington is a good actress, who admits that the role was sought by many black actresses and when they lost out, told her to “Do us proud.” Hmmm, ok, then. Having an illicit affair with a married man who happens to be president is something o be proud of. Just sayin’

thkERRY Was

Kerry Washington graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Seemingly, her parents wanted her to become a lawyer, but, she chose acting. Oprah Winfrey asked if she thought Jamie Fox ( her leading man in Django Unchained and Ray) would be a good husband in real life.Ms. Washington answered, “He would. Not for me, but, Jamie is a good soul.”

When asked which of her leading men; Anthony Hopkins, Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock and Forest Whitaker were best kisser, the actress shudders and responds “I can’t even answer that. There’s nothing good about kissing on camera. It’s icky.” But, has she ever kissed George Clooney? What?!

Anyhew, Shondra Rhimes admits saying: “I’m taking Greys Anatomy back from the fans.” She did it cause y’all are too damn vocal:)



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