Was Wendy Williams Appearance On Ellen DeGeneres Show “Awkward”?


Okay, so , I wasn’t going to ‘talk’ on this one, but since folks are out here blogging and speculating on it, I felt as a long time g-mogul, I had little choice but to spread some light on the subject (s) as only this g-mogul can do. Now, y’all know how Wendy is my gurl and all. I’m tickled pink that she’s gotten so many accolades from her peoples-views/op-ed in the industry since landing her talk/gossip/in your face/The Wendy Williams Show. A brief recap:

Guest starring roles on movies and television shows. Yes, Wendy will be reprising her role as Kevin Hart’s wife Gail on Think Like A Man 2

Posed nude for PETA
Appearing on Broadway
QVC Deal
Book Deal- Ask Wendy
And guest appearances on other famous talk shows…

On Monday, Wendy’s appearance on Ellen aired.Wendy was hosting her show and telling folks to make sure they catch her on Ellen. Alright, so far, so good. Curious, I sort of checked out Ellen ( hardly ever do) just not a fan. Anyhew, this g-moguls’ antenna of intuitive interest shot up when a bit of ‘stink’ seemed to hover in the air on the Ellen set. Even the audience showed tepidly accommodating to Wendy. Just sayin.

I decided to let it ride. Hey, it could have been my imagination (hardly). Now though, the blogs are on fire! I was like, “Who knew?”… seems a lot of viewers noticed the cool attitude coming from Ellen toward Wendy. Let the game of speculation began:

Ellen always does this underhanded thing with guests she doesn’t care for and you have to watch for it. Ellen isn’t as nice as she seems. Many people just watch Ellen because she gives away stuff to folks in need… and on and on. As a g-mogul from way back, doncha know? I won’t speculate on those comments out there.

I will tell y’all what I know in regards to why Ellen might have been cool toward my gurl. I watch Wendy and Wendy has admitted to Ellen that she talks “TM-TF-TL” which translates into, “too much, too fast, and too loud.”

It’s obvious to me that the situation with Ellen DeGeneres was indeed “Awkward.” Ellen asked piercingly pointed and straight-forward questions, without breaking a smile or sweat. It’s also apparent also to me that Wendy was flustered and nervous and feeling smaller than she wanted to feel. Not good Wendy! You deserve to be where you are. Don’t go feeling small in the presence of anyone ( still you do gab a bit much) 🙂 Okay, so, here’s the g-mogul’s speculation on why Ellen DeGeneres was a bit perturbed with Wendy William; take it or believe!

th e &p together

Back when Wendy Williams was in radio and was offered a test pilot for her own show, she and camera crew, naturally took the show to the people. One of those venues was some red carpet (celebrity) deal where Wendy grabbed any celebrity willing to chat with her on the Red Carpet.
Y’all can get the specifics by doing a bit of research but, this g-mogul have total recall:)

Anyhew, one of those “celebs” who came up to talk was Portia De Rossi ( Nooo Portia & Ellen were not reportedly a couple at the time)

Wendy held the mike up to Portia and asked her to comment on Portia’s apparently seen splashing about with a woman in the jacuzzi. Okay, at that time, reportedly, Portia De Rossi had not come out as a lesbian. Now, people, even though, Portia walked away from Wendy Williams blast out without comment, surely, that’s a situation no one would ever forget- just sayin.

And surely, now that Portia and Ellen are a married couple…well y’all are gifted with the power of intellect. Go figure. This speculation is not proven, it’s just another thought to ponder in regards to the Ellen and Wendy awkwardness. Remember, Ellen asked Wendy on the show, “Do you get in trouble when you say bad things?”

Geez, I deserve a g-mogul award for this one 🙂



3 thoughts on “Was Wendy Williams Appearance On Ellen DeGeneres Show “Awkward”?

  1. Okay, so I felt it too … every bit of awkward, tension whatever label you want to give it. So, much so that after the show (I saw it later on YouTube) I googled Ellen and Wendy to find this blog. I like them both but it made me rethink Ellen to see her lack of warmth and hospitality (I did enjoy the knitting gift tho :). I guess, at the end of the day we’re all human, including celebs who don’t forget easily.

  2. Wendy is so fake. She doesn’t research her stuff and just gossips. She’s basically a TMZ. I can see why Ellen doesn’t like her.

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