Michael Reaves Raised Its Funding Goal For “BLOOD KISS”

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Whoopi Goldberg and Amber Benson are fans. I’m a fan as well, people, although up until a few weeks ago, I just never knew it:) I’m sure a lot of y’all don’t know much about Michael Reaves either, so allow me. Michael Reaves is a bestselling writer and author out of California. Some of his great work includes Ghostbusters, The Batman sagas and Gargoyles…now ya feel me?

Sadly, the man isn’t quite up to par with his body wanting to do stuff he has no control over- like taking away his ability to write for long periods of time. Parkinson’s disease bites. Michael Reaves finished writing Blood Kiss, about vampires, at a time when the whole world was about the vamps. His agent liked it alright, loved it, in fact, but, how in the world to market to market in an already filled to capacity vampire takeover?

Y’all heard of Kickstarter? Such a genius idea for anybody ( not just bestselling writers) living in LA to pitch their product for funding, at a goal deemed necessary to get the project off the ground and into the viewers/consumers hands. Still, Michael Reaves not only reached his funding goal of $50,000 but, at closing 1 day ago, the total was reportedly at $88,321! The film will be made and we all get to be scared out of our wits. I’m a Supernatural, True Blood and Vampire Diaries kind of modernist nerd, but, if y’all want to go back to the days of Barnabas Collins/Dark Shadows or Count Dracula, I can take you there too. just sayin.


I’m just glad this prolific writer will get to see Blood Kiss made. I’m hoping to get a preview copy for all my trouble as well. What?! Actually, I’m ok with getting this PRNewswire in my end box, otherwise, this g-mogul might have passed up the opportunity to do more good.:)



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