Paula Deen Is Just A Good Ole Southern Sort Of Gal

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Okay, so the conversation around the dinner table in most folks home is going to be about that good ole Southern “nice” lady, Paul Deen. Well, right after the one about Kayne West and Kim Kardashian naming their daughter, North-West, hmmm,wonders never cease. Anyhow, in this g-mogul’s opinion, it’s the genteel racism of celebrity chef, Paula Deen that’s stealing attention away from everything else.

Apparently a fan based website set up in support of the racist remarks, after being canned from The Food Network, is totaling nearly 289,000 likes for this person-and I think that’s a tragedy because it shines a light on what’s really going on. First off, one would have to be a fool, an imbecile, a die hard breed of like minded thinkers as Paula Deen to consider that what she said, doesn’t deserve to have a spotlight hovering over her like a beacon in the night.

Paula Deen ‘s videos where she attempted to apologize for her discriminatory acts after being captured on paper and on live television (New York Times interview) was FAKE! How do I know? Simply because we’re of the same era, well, she is a few years older. just sayin’. The point is, we’re both raised in a southern land and we’re both intelligent women who knows the dirty little secrets of the south like none others. We know that it’s a place where white folks still feel ‘entitled’ and “superior” to their black counterparts. Wendy Williams is done with her and frankly, so am I. Truth? I think the drawl is fake:)

The South continues to harbor a white supremacy mindset, steeped in ole time southern upbringing and taught from the time children can walk and mimic their parents. Paula Deen was taught from an early age that she belonged at the head of the class. But, here’s where it gets tricky. At one end, there’ Paula Deen, being groomed in the ways of southern white folks. At the other end of the spectrum is yours truly, being told how to avoid trouble so that trouble won’t find you. (black folk) There was no time for hate or malice, only survival techniques that incorporated morals, values, dignity and pride. “Ya feel me?”

Paula Deen had a choice. So what if her granddaddy was this way, her parents taught her their ways. This woman is an adult, just as I am. But, then, human equality comes easy for me and I owe that to my southern mama and dadda . Racism will always be alive, well and thriving in these United States Of America. It’s only when we’ve grown as a people and dare to step out and say to somebody, “You’re wrong for that!” will this nation change history. You reap what you sow in this world regardless of color, stature of economic situation.

Now, y’all know I need to just sit back and keep my mouth shut, but,wait a minute, this is 2013, not those wonderful days of the old South Paula Deen speaks about…”You know the Shirley Temple days where true plantation weddings were planned and the ” N “used to tap dance around, wear long sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties.”

Hollis, she says, “He’s Black as that board.”

Bill Maher- “Do we always have to make people go away?”

Yes, Bill, “If they use those racist remarks in the diverse world of TODAY, they do.” MY WORDS.

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Racism in the South is an inbred disease that’s part of an upstanding white person’s pedigree. Paula Deen admits she’s used the “N” word more than a few occasions. How about on a daily basis? She also tells in a interview how ” Black folks played such an intergal part in our lives ( you mean”totin & fetchin?) We didn’t see ourselves as being prejudiced.”

Tune in to Wednesday’s Today Show for more fabricated Paula Deen.



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