India Arie- It’s Time To Break The Shell!

thyellow India

Okay, I know a lot of people watched the BET Awards last night, but I didn’t-not really. I did step into the room, occupied by a tween to lay eyes upon Chris Tucker, looking so fine after that weight loss and caught the all too sexy Robin Thicke- What!? Dude is HOT! What?!:) Anyhew, I’m no cougar, never tried vanilla in my coffee and certainly ain’t trying to disrespect, Paula- just sayin’. R Kelly singing songs from his great music re-portiere was cool, but, don’t really care for the character of the man. My opinion.

This post is about the return of India Arie and the new found woman of personal growth and spirituality! Okay, yea, I caught some of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, where India talks about her new album SONGVERSATION- love that title; only India, right? Well in the 4 years since the songstress dissed the Grammy’s, was accused of bleaching her dark & lovely skin and a host of other India drama, she’s back to set the record straight and do what she loves to do best, fill her life mission, make music and art that liberates YOUR consciousness.

thindia album

Since going to Hawaii and finding her truth, India Arie’s music details the beauty of surrender to God and life. Here’s just a smidgen of what India Arie knows for sure: Y’all know by now, you can download India’s music from Itunes:)

Who is God?
Totality of all that is you and me.

What is Soul?
The real you- you do not have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body.

What is Prayer?

Always a place I know I can go to fill my life mission. Make music and Art. Prayer liberates consciousness.

Most peaceful place?
At home is peace. Hawaii- the water, the mountains-waterfalls.

Where you go to for calm?
Hard to find time. Don’t have trouble sitting still-meditating for hours on end, with a nice pen; can sit & meditate; ask for calm-always come

What’s the 1 question to God?
That’s a lot of pressure. Show me what to do…where’s my husband?

What does the world need to know?
The world needs to know that healing the world begins with you.

India Arie came back bold, deep and knowing who she is- people that’s a powerful thing!

Now, look, y’all need to catch what this sistah is saying cause I’m just reporting the highlights. The best advice she was ever given was by the matriarch herself, Ms. Maya Angelou:

“Just tell the truth.”
“It’s time to break the shell” Sing girl!



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