The Comedic Fireworks Of Kevin Hart

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Fourth of July was awesome as people in these United States of America, got to celebrate independence day and the brave folks, living and dead who make it happen! There were plenty of fireworks around my neck of the woods and then some.People went fireworks & BBQ cray-cray! Anyhew, my hopes are that everyone put safety first-( also remember my petitioning parents to avoid leaving kids in the car this summer)

This post is about another “Fireworks” and that happens to be the comedian and flavor of the season, Kevin Hart. Kevin is burning up the world with his hilarious take on life as he lives and breathes it. He’s a hit on Think Like A Man too, just coming off a successful “Let Me Explain”‘ comedy tour of 10 countries grossing over $32 million and sold out tickets at Madison Square, not once, but, twice. The man is on fire!

So, Wendy Williams was called back to play Kevin’s wife in Think Like A Man Too. On Wednesday, she invited the comedian back to the Wendy couch to talk about his successES and to put him in the Wendy hot seat. For those of you who don’t know about the “Hot Seat”, it’s where Wendy places a guest in a chair to answer four truth questions that progress from mild to moderate to smoking hot. The guests, for the most part have played along and been forthcoming with their answers…except for maybe, Halle Berry. She didn’t give definitive answers. No fun. Just sayin’


Kevin Hart in Wendy Williams Hot Seat:

1. Besides yourself who are the funniest comedians out there?

That’s an unfair question because there are so many. I’ll go real fast- Chris Rock. Dave Chapelle. Jerry Seinfeld. Eddie Murphy.

2. What’s the worst thing you had to do before hitting it big?

This is a 2-parter. Sold a bunch of my personal CD’s at a pawn shop, but, I needed more. Thought about stripping for a day, but, a friend told me about the costumes. I decided I was not going to do it.

3.Most awkward celebrity encounter.

“David Hasselhoff.” I was a fan of Knight Rider as a kid (saw the actor) said, “hey man, I’m a big fan… like that song” started to imitate the lyrics to Knight Rider theme song- Hasselhoff just walked off.

4. Have you ever been snubbed by a celebrity at any point in your career?

This is kind of embarrassing. I met Janet Jackson. This was when she was with Jermaine Dupri. I was nervous & sweating. I go up to her and say;”Hey Janet, I’m a big fan. You must like little guys.” She goes “UGH!”

Kevin Hart promises even more foolishness on the 2nd season of Real Husbands of Hollywood as Chris Rock joins the cast.

Make sure to check out Wanda Sykes “Herlarious” comedy show, featuring the women of standup-airing on OWN.



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