Elizabeth Hasselbeck Says Good-Bye To The View!

th e view

To be clear, there were no actual tears shed for Elizabeth Hasselbeck as she made her announcement on The View that she was leaving the show. Although Barbara Walters walked the co-host onto the view set and appeared slightly teary-eyed, when Hasselbeck was making the announcement/good-bye speech on her last day, the overall consensus from her cohorts and audience seemed muted and relieved?

Sherri Shepherd, who was absent from the show today, tweeted out” love you too, my sis in Christ- whose hands will I hold under the table? Who will I pray with?” while the other women listened to Elizabeth’s summation on how she felt about each of them. She said to Barbara Walters, she learned how to be a journalist who felt confident enough in interviewing everyone, including the president, due to having honed her journalistic skills 101 from sitting at the View table with her.

She respected Joy Behar’s professionalism and candor; these two often butted heads in their political viewpoints. She told Whoopi Goldberg, how she felt that Whoopi was one of the most esteemed actors on the planet ( basically) and respected her a great deal. To Sherri, who Hasselbeck admitted to having spoken on the phone with the night before, she said they’d be hugging for three days when she saw her.

Joy Behar joked, “Won’t you be a fish out of water there?” alluding to Hasselbeck’s move to work at Fox & Friends on Fox Television. Joy, who is leaving the show as well, congratulated Elizabeth, telling her she was glad to see, “you’re moving into a great job.” Whoopi referred to Hasselbeck as “The Cat’s Meow” and ended by saying, “May we both continue to grow.”

Barbara Walters, feigning tears (What!?!) had this to say. “You always brought a fresh voice to the show and stood by your opinions even when it wasn’t an easy thing to do. You will be leaving a big void at the table, but, we won’t be filling it anytime soon.”Barbara tells viewers NOT to send a barrage of emails about filling Hasselbeck’s position!


So, Elizabeth Hasselbeck came up from a finalist on Survivor in 2001, to become a co-host at The View, where she became famous for her conservative views and battles with the other co-hosts. She has published 2 books on Gluten Free meals and served as an ABC contributor to Good Morning America. She’s rich, doncha know? Elizabeht Hasselbeck is doing just fine and will go on to “enjoy the view” at the table of Fox & Friends!


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