The Buzz About SHARKNADO!

thian ziering

Okay, so I succumbed to a little guilty pleasure over the weekend- no, I’m not talking about “That!” or about the heaping cup of vanilla & strawberry yogurt from the yogurt shop! I’m talking about what’s been trending on twitter for the last week- SHARKNADO 🙂 Don’t tell me y’all have not seen this amazing bit of SyFy, weird shark-related, fantasy babble-ese of a movie? You want to hear the weirdest part of all? I loved it! I mean, only a genius could create such unbelievable bull crap like this movie and get noticed by Twitter, Brian Williams, Katie Couric and a host of other intelligent species on the planet. This movie has captured the heart, minds and imaginations of some of the most astute folks on earth ( including yours truly) What?!

Anyhew, moving right along, the low budget movie has as its hero and man with a heart of gold, Ian Ziering, formerly of Beverly Hills 90210, who owns the trendy restaurant on the beach in California. It’s where all the beach bums hover during the summer days to swim, surf, drink and hang out- but, back up, I didn’t see any black folks in this movie-hmm… alright, so after noting the obvious, I turned my attention to the sharks with fangs for teeth, caught up in a hurricane and flying from the skies to wreck havoc on the beach goers at every twist and turn.


The very bad acting of Tara Reid doesn’t dispel from the movie’s pulp fiction moments. (sorry Tara, but, the truth will set you free) Ian Ziering goes from Beverly Hills 90210 ( no color on that show either!) to dancing on the Vegas Strip as a member of the Chippendale’s for a short run- to chain sawing his way out of the belly of a shark and living to tell about it. Wow, only in Sharknado.
We’re already hearing whispers of a sequel…hopefully with a bit of flavor to make it pop. Just sayin’. Still, Sharknado is a fun summertime movie r all y’all SyFy bluffs. Catch it on the SyFy channel in your neck of the woods.


You might want to remember while watching Sharknado, that, “it’s not the plumbing, it’s the ocean.” as sharks continue to fall from the skies. Or, how about this line? “My mom always told me Hollywood would kill me.” Dude dies. Didn’t see that coming- right!

Trending now…Jenny McCarthy is the next co-host on The View.


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